Working all day without a break increases risk of anxiety and depression

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According to a recent survey by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in the UK, a quarter of the working population work all day without taking a break and this is posing a serious risk to their mental and physical health.

The survey involved more than 2,600 adults and an analysis of the results showed that one in four employees did not take a lunch break and this increases their risk of depression and anxiety as well as back pain, heart disease and even cancer.

Not only that, but more than 50 percent of the people surveyed went to work even though they were feeling stressed or ill.

So why are we putting our health at risk?

The reasons given by those who took part in the survey was either that they had too much work to do and didn’t have time to take a break, or because there were staff shortages.

Almost half of those involved in the survey said that they felt stressed at least once a week.

Stress isn’t always a bad thing, it can help us cope with challenging situations; however, prolonged stress can have a severe effect on our health and lead to an increased risk of depression and other health problems.

“A certain level of pressure at work is of course desirable. However when the pressure people face exceeds their ability to cope – in other words stress – it is likely to lead to time off work and is linked to conditions such as depression, anxiety and heart disease” Ann Green, Chairman of the CSP told the BBC.

The CSP survey comes at the same time as new report from McCrindle Research which involved a survey of around 600 Australian workers.

The results of this survey were similar and showed that more than a quarter of the employees chose to work whilst eating their lunch and one in six skipped lunch altogether.

The researchers said there was a general trend towards overworking with more than a quarter of the employees working more than 50 hours a week.

The thing is, if workers took their breaks, not only would it reduce stress levels, it would improve productivity for their employers too.

Businesses are being advised to look out for staff who are overworked and who are missing out on breaks.

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