Work Related Stress, a New Phenomenon? (Depression help)

Learn how I beat Depression

I sat in the smoking area, flicked the flint on my lighter to a flame and pulled hard bringing the cigarette end to ember up, spewing smoke into the tight little box room in the basement of the hotel where I worked.

Through the smoke as it cleared I saw in the eyes of woman maybe 20, maybe 30 years my senior, tears, she was crying, weeping and trying to hide them. A foreign woman who probably didn’t expect a national to assist her, there were divisions and divisions that weren’t crossed on a daily basis in our ‘New Society.’

I’ve seen scientific research data recently which shows that tears from a women only serve to drop the testosterone level in men, making us less likely to do anything about them. They are a turn off, and it is a natural reflex for the male of the species just to walk away when the tears begin to spill. She wept, and I made to speak with her, through broken English she seemed to agree as I made my observations, put forward my assumptions as to why this woman saw it fit to break down and weep, wasting the little break she had before getting back to the sweaty, high speed, paid slavery of cleaning other’s feces from toilet bowls, and making their beds.

The hotel had just increased worker’s expected output. It was now 16 minutes to a room with no dropping of standards allowable. The motif of the hotel being: To stack them high, sell them cheap and use the limited staff working on overdrive to keep the place running smoothly. There was a ban on new recruitment, and despite a natural shedding of staff numbers through attrition in this high worker turnover environment, they were always pushing to do more with less.

The movies have always shown, I say ‘always.’ but as you know depression is not a sexy blockbuster movie theme. When depression in a work environment is depicted in the movies there is always something else to it, there are cocaine highs at weekends, followed by the suicide Tuesdays. There are high pressurised white collar workers in the top floors of office buildings in the big cities, and maybe they crack under the pressure and the stress of their high yield positions.

On the contrary most of us don’t work in big glass walled offices, we work deeper in the nitty gritty cesspool of others’ opulence.

In the lower ranks too, there are those who need depression help. The hotel made a special day a few months later I think it was, it was work/ life balance day. I don’t think that there was any difference in how things ran that day, but I remember there being a poster or two hanging on the wall. I spoke to the Personnel Manager about it (This hotel company still hadn’t developed to think in ‘Human’ Resources terms) she was blowing her nut at the prospect of work related stress, she was saying that these things hadn’t even been invented 20 years before, and now it seemed that half of her staff were claiming the effects of it, and maybe even in need of depression help as a consequence.

I didn’t tell her about the woman who was crying from sheer exhaustion and insurmountable employee productivity expectation for minimum wage. I was probably looking for a promotion at the time. Even though the term had not been invented, it didn’t mean that the predicament didn’t exist, or maybe jut maybe in the past humans were treated as such, not expected to achieve the near impossible to the detriment of their health day in and day out.

Learn how I beat Depression

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