What You Should Know About Alcohol – Anxiety

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There is a lot of concern regarding the use of alcohol in people who have anxiety.  Alcohol relaxes a person.  It causes the stress levels to drop and the symptoms of anxiety to be relieved.  That is why there is such a concern about the growing number of alcohol dependency among people with anxiety.

Alcohol as an Anxiety Reliever

Alcohol is a depressant.  That means it helps to slow down the body and make the body relax.   Anyone who has drank alcohol knows that with a few drinks you will become more relaxed.  In a person with anxiety alcohol helps to stop the anxiety symptoms.

It seems like a simply enough solution, but drinking alcohol to relieve anxiety is only leading to alcohol dependency which can be more dangerous than the anxiety itself.

Alcohol and Anxiety Medications

Besides the concern of alcohol dependency, alcohol and anxiety medications do not mix.  Most medications taken for anxiety specifically state that they are not to be mixed with alcohol.  Alcohol can cause a range of unwanted side effects from the medication.

Alcohol mixed with another depressant can severely slow down the blood pressure and breathing.  This can lead to serious conditions such as a coma or even death.

Alcohol as a Trigger for Anxiety

While alcohol can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety it is only a temporary fix.  After the alcohol effects wear off the symptoms of anxiety usually return more intensely.  This can cause a vicious cycle of drinking because as the alcohol goes out of the system and the symptoms of anxiety return a person feels they have no choice but to drink again to get rid of the symptoms.

This cycle can lead to serious problems.  Anxiety can get worse and a person becomes addicted to the alcohol.  Alcoholism comes with its own risks and can be damaging for a person.  Alcohol not only relieves the symptoms of anxiety but it also makes you unable to make good decisions, operate machinery or function normally.  Daily use of alcohol can ruin a person’s life because it makes it difficult to carry on daily duties and hold down a job.

Solving one problem with another problem is never the answer.  The best treatment for anxiety is a long term treatment that comes under a doctor’s care.  With proper treatment it is possible for a person to get relief form anxiety.  Alcohol, anxiety medications and therapy are all common treatments for anxiety but only two of those will really bring the relief that will last.

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  1. substance abuse
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    Depending on alcohol to make the anxiety go away is dangerous to one’s health. Also, extra precaution must be made because alcohol doesn’t only harm the body, but also ruins careers as well.

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