What is Hidden Behind that Fake Smile?

Learn how I beat Depression

What we see in ourselves when we look deep down and inward, so deep that we find ourselves we can often miss out on what lies upon the surface. At skin surface all seems normal, hey its normal to let the facial muscles sag downwards, its normal because it takes so much effort to smile, and even holding those muscles to keep the mouth showing an emotional state of normality ‘nothing’ with a horizon shaped mouth that takes effort, doesn’t it?

The symptoms of depression are for all to see really, but the most important thing is that you see them in yourself. Admitting there is a problem however isn’t as easy at it would appear to be, there is much greater effort in ‘faking’ a smile than in seeing something in ourselves we don’t want to see. Waking up in the morning and just wishing that you could go back to sleep, wishing that the day anew would just go away, for twelve hours and take you back to the state of night, a night where the day does not have to be faced that is a symptom, that is a telltale sign that there is something severely wrong.

Who has the luxury though of being able to just throw those covers back over your head hiding you in a cocoon, an inner sanctum away from the apparent troubles that lurk in living life and returning you alone to deal all alone with the self, that thing that damned thing that wants to keep you all to yourself. Now is it bi-polar disorder or is it just the blues? So difficult to diagnose any difference, the doctors get it wrong all of time which is why second opinions of depression diagnosis are often so important. Not wanting to face the day, not getting any satisfaction out of the little things, those little shared moments and laughs that what life is all about, that is a symptom.

When you recognise the symptoms, that is when something should be done about it, but so often it is too late at that point, depression has already taken control. It is so hard to help ourselves because we don’t want to help ourselves. When depression takes hold we feel that this depression as it is the only thing we know, is somehow the right thing for us. It is right for us to feel like shit because we are shit, we only deserve to feel pathetic because we are in fact pathetic. When we can no longer get satisfaction from our taste of food, when our senses are utterly numbed to the good that they experience, moreover ‘used’ to experience in everything, these are symptoms of depression.

When the sun shine is something to be avoided, when the rain and wind somehow seems to outwardly express how we feel inside, that is a symptom, and as a depression symptom when we realise what it indeed is, then it is a call to action. But where do we find help? When everything is insular, when the internal dialogue that runs in our minds tells us that we are utterly alone in this life, it is only normal then that we cant find help anywhere but within ourselves. When all we want to do is hurt ourselves, enjoying those banging our fists against cement, no longer wincing when our head hits against the pillar, when the pain is just a reflection of our emotional state that is a symptom of depression.

Symptoms of depression in others are simple enough to spot, people put on a brave face, but if we look hard enough we can see behind the fake smile and witness in the eyes the inner turmoil that is going on behind those eyes. Seer into their soul and see they are not feeling how they appear in fact to be. When the individual is no longer connecting in the way that they once were, when school friends work colleagues, when acquaintances are no longer sought out and the individual pulls away from the world, removes themselves from the part in it that they used to play, those are symptoms.

When they fail to wash and take pride in their appearance, if they used to take great pride then there is a sign here that something is up, something serious is underlying, is crushing their motivation to be a part of the world. Something has taken a hold of them and it is important that an intervention is made. That intervention is best to come from within, but when there is not the determination within to do something, when the drive has been driven out, you need to act, act fast and act smart. You need to come to their assistance before it is too late.

Learn how I beat Depression

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