What Is Considered Severe Depression?

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Severe depression refers to cases of serious depression with severe symptoms.  This painful and disabling condition requires diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible so that its course can be interrupted.  As with many such conditions, the sooner you catch it, the better.

There are many signs that are indicative of serious depression and several ways that it can be treated.  Knowing both will give you tools to recognize its symptoms and let you know what might make it better.

Emotional Symptoms

Loss of interest in daily activities is a major sign of the severe form of depression.  If the things you once loved now hold no meaning for you then something is awry.  Persistent sadness that lasts more than two weeks is another revealing sign.  It may be brought on by a precipitating event, but if it does not begin to recede in an appropriate amount of time then you will want to get professional help.

Feeling hopeless, worthless, irritable, aggressive, or not good enough can all be indicators of depression that is severe.  A real diagnosis requires a professional, but you can tell when something is wrong.  You know when you just do not feel like you used to.

Additional Symptoms

Some additional symptoms include disturbances in your sleep patterns, social isolation, and loss of energy.  Serious depression may also result in changes in eating patterns and changes in weight because of this.  It may prevent you from going to work for any number of reasons such as loss of interest, fatigue, or inability to concentrate.

Self-medicating with drugs and alcohol can also be a warning sign.  This is an indicator that something could be wrong on its own but combined with other indicators of depression it signals that help is needed as soon as possible.

Possible Treatments

Possible treatments include antidepressants.  Antidepressants function by affecting the amount of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that are linked to depression.  They may not reach their full effect for several weeks but are often effective as part of a treatment plan.

Therapy is another course of treatment that is often effective.  Talking to a therapist to explore possible causes of serious depression and how to make positive changes can help you to heal.  Exercise is also helpful in alleviating symptoms of depression to some extent.

Severe depression is a serious condition that must be treated by a professional.  Knowing the possible symptoms and treatments will give you an idea of what will be in store for you from the diagnosis to the recovery.

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