Understanding Anxiety Medication or Medications

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Anxiety medication or medications are often used as a treatment for anxiety disorders.  Medication is usually not used alone, but in conjunction with therapy.  In some cases medication is the best answer, but in others it is not.  It is important in the course of defining a treatment for anxiety disorder that a patient and doctor discuss all options.

Medication Options

Medications used to treat anxiety include everything from benzodiazepines to beta-blockers to MAOIs.  Many medications are used successfully.  However, as with any medication it is important to be aware of the side effects and possible interactions and warnings associated with each type of medication.

Some medications require constant monitoring as they can lead to other problems.  Some medications are habit forming and may cause an addiction.  Some medications may cause withdrawal symptoms if stopped abruptly.  These complications can all make medication dangerous when not monitored and taken properly.

Alternatives to Medications

There are some alternatives to taking medication that work for some people.  Therapy is widely used with or without complementary medication.  Therapy allows a person to understand their condition and learn more about why they react with anxiety.

Some people have found lifestyle changes help with anxiety.  Things like exercising or learning relaxation techniques have been found to be natural ways to reduce stress and therefore reduce anxiety.

Many alternatives to medication have been found to be better treatments because they provide longer lasting effects and do not cause adverse reactions.

Choosing the Best Treatment

Choosing the best treatment is an individual matter.  Not every treatment will work for every patient.  This is why it is very important that a person talk with and work with their doctor to find the best course of treatment.

Some patients will find the best course of treatment involves medication.  That is fine and many times it is the best treatment option.  However, medication alone rarely works.  Anxiety medications should be seen as something to use in addition to other treatments.

It is best to work through a treatment plan that combines many forms of treatment to find what works best.  Having other treatment options as part of a treatment plan will help a person who may be unable to take medication or otherwise not benefit from medication.  Instead of being left with no option if a medication has to be stopped they will still have the other treatments to fall back upon.

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