Three Focus Areas of Anxiety Therapy

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Anxiety therapy is a common treatment for anxiety disorders.  Even patients taking medication are often encouraged into some type of anxiety therapy.  Therapy can take many forms.  Some types of therapy work better for some patients than others.  Some therapists suggest using all three major types of anxiety therapy for the best results.

The three main types of anxiety therapy help to work on a person from all angles to provide the best possible mental treatment for their anxiety disorder.  Usually these three types of therapy are used together to provide the most complete anxiety therapy.


Cognitive therapy is working on a person’s thoughts.  It is usually thoughts that drive a person during an anxiety attack or other anxiety driven behavior.  For example, people with OCD often feel held captive by their thoughts and seek to find a way to control them which leads to the compulsive behaviors.

Through cognitive therapy the goal is to help retrain or condition the mind to stop the thoughts that bring anxiety.  There are many different techniques used in cognitive therapy to help this happen.  Some things you may learn in cognitive therapy including:

–    Slowing down movements and actions
–    Learning to stop negative thoughts
–    Learning to accept things
–    Learning automatic statements or thoughts that can change your negatives to positives
–    Focusing techniques


Behavioral therapy is the process of putting the cognitive therapy to work.  Behavioral means changing behaviors.  You will learn about how to stop doing things that cause anxiety.  Behavioral therapy focuses on daily life and helping you to learn how to get through the day without anxiety.


Emotional therapy targets the feelings.  Through emotional therapy a focus is put on learning how to cope with stress.  Techniques for stress management are learned, such as relaxation techniques and work with learning how to quiet your brain when it is in overdrive.

Anxiety therapy seeks to balance out your mind and help you learn to recognize the things that you do that allow your anxiety to take control.  Most doctors will advise some type of therapy as part of your treatment for anxiety.

Even if you are medication you are often advised that therapy will help provide a longer term solution.  You may even find that with therapy you can come off the medications and learn to live without a need for further treatment, thus ending your problems with anxiety.

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