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Anyone who suffers from an anxiety disorder is likely to understand the need for anxiety relief.  Living with constant anxiety symptoms can be difficult and that is why there are many treatment options that allow people suffering from an anxiety disorder to get relief.  The treatments for anxiety relief are often a combination of treatments that help relieve symptoms and treat the underlying causes of the anxiety.

Causes of Anxiety

To get the best anxiety relief it is important to understand what causes anxiety.  There really is no exact cause for anxiety, but it has been linked to many different things.  It is though a careful look at the patient that the cause of their anxiety can be determined.

Some common causes for anxiety include problems with neurotransmitters in the brain, hormone imbalances, childhood trauma and personality traits.  Due to the varying physical and emotional causes of anxiety disorders treatment often involves therapy and medication to treat all causes.

Behavioural Changes

Behavioural changes are usually accomplished through therapy.  Therapy will work to help a person learn new coping mechanisms for stress, discover the root cause of their anxiety and learn techniques to help them relax.  In some cases therapy is enough to help relieve anxiety all together and prevent the need for further treatment.

Other things that may be changed through behaviour modification is the use of certain drugs or consumption of foods.  Alcohol has been linked with anxiety problems so a heavy drinker may be told to stop drinking.  Caffeine can often cause feelings of anxiety so a person may be told to lower their caffeine intake.


Medications are often one of the first treatments tried because they help to relieve the symptoms of anxiety.  Common medications include anti=-anxiety and antidepressants.  Both work within the body to combat the physical causes for anxiety and to help the person’s natural anxiety reactions to stay within normal ranges.

Some medications can be harmful, though.  When not taken according to the instruction or with other drugs medication can fail to work properly or cause unwanted side effects.  That is why many doctors seek to have patient try a combination of therapy and medication with the hopes that the medication can be eliminated as part of the treatment.

Some doctors advise that patients practice some good habits to help naturally relieve anxiety symptoms and make them less reliant on medications.  Some things that may be suggested for patient to do are:

– Eat a health, balanced diet
– Use a nutrition supplement
– Undergo tests to track chemical and hormone levels
– Exercise daily
– Get adequate sleep

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