The Peerage (Depression support)

Learn how I beat Depression

An old girlfriend said to me once, ‘Your friends are an image of yourself, they tell a great deal about you, they reflect who you are.’ Now I never got the best of grades, I never excelled in this domain, but my friends sure did, geniuses the lot of them. She herself was a standard genius too, first class honours degree, and masters as well I believe, but we stopped being an item long before that masters was attained.

The mark of a true friend is if they stand and stick by you when the chips are down so to speak, if they are there when you need them most. They may always have been there in the past dishing out good advice, and had you taken it you wouldn’t now be in the dilemma you are in. You are experiencing depression, but the depression support you need is not a ‘Catch 22’ situation. Seeking depression support from those very friends who have reflected who you are down the years, it won’t be to the detriment of your relationship.

Certainly and I’m not going to lie to you, when something like this happens, when we change as a person going from a positive one to being caught in the quagmire of the down in the dumps disease, how our friends look on us in the short term, that will change. But true friends, the only really important ones to hold onto over time, years from now what you are experiencing now, and the information you entrust to them, all of that will be forgotten, all will be normal once again.

It is important in life to have relationships with our peers, you may be the kind of girl who only likes to date older men, you may be a guy who for some reason feels an affinity with older people, and they are who you hang out with. But it is in people your own age, who have a relatively similar outlook to the surroundings in which we live, who have many of the answers when you go out to seek these answers from them.

An elderly gent will find a good ear in another elderly gent and so on, it is about someone being able to relate to you, and more importantly not to relate to the way that you are feeling. You, when availing of your depression support need someone to be able to tell you the flaws in your thinking. The reason the supporter should be in your peer group is pretty basic, it is amongst your peers that you will find an opinion you respect and an opinion you can trust to be of relevance.

In peers you will find people who have gone through the very same things as you, but have come through without suffering from depression as a consequence. You will also (With 10% of people suffering you wont have to look very hard) find others in your peer group who have gone through your very situation before, who have fallen into a depressed state but managed to come out the other side. Many if not most of us out there will have come tantalizingly close to falling down into depression at some point, but we have found the words, maybe the affirmations in mantras to lift us right back up again.

Your peers are your rock and a port in the storm, they are the difference between despair and its lifting. You may not right now even be able to think of anyone. That is the problem with depression, we assume that we no longer have friends, but you can be certain that you are not looking hard enough. There are many people who consider you to be their friend even though you may not believe this to be the case, think harder and trust me when I tell you that there are people around you who will be there to lend the support you need now.

Learn how I beat Depression

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