The Depression Cure, Is It A Myth ?

Learn how I beat Depression

Sadly, there is no one cure for everyone who is afflicted with depression.  There are, however, treatment modalities that many people stand by and that have produced impressive results.  In the realm of psychotherapy, one such method is the one that finds its roots in cognitive psychology.


Cognitive psychology holds as one of its main tenets the belief that thoughts cause emotions.  This means that every thought you have has a corresponding emotion.  Consider the following example.

If you see a car accident but do not know anyone involved then you are likely to be concerned and maybe even upset.  Another person witnessing the same car accident may know someone in one of the cars and would have a much stronger emotional reaction to the same scene.  It is the same event, but you both assign different meanings to it.

A less dramatic example would be you and a friend going out to lunch.  The waiter does not say much beyond the bare necessities.  You may believe that the waiter is merely rushed or is having a trying day.  Your friend may believe that the waiter is deliberately being rude.  You both witnessed the same exchanges between the waiter and yourselves, but you assigned different meanings to them.

This is the basis of cognitive psychology.  You give meaning to what happens to you.  Your thought interpret the world so if you can change your thoughts, you can change your feelings about the world.


The goal of this cognitive therapy is to uncover these errors in thought, known as cognitive distortions, and to replace them with more productive thoughts and beliefs.  If you believe that the world is not a safe place and that everyone is out to get you then you would not trust people, you would not feel safe, and you would not feel happy in the world no matter what your current surroundings may be.

If, on the other hand, you believe most people are good and want to help other people then you would have a more positive outlook, be open to trusting people, and you would be happier no matter what your current surroundings might be.  The surroundings could be exactly the same for both these people, but their outlooks could not be more different.

Cognitive psychology looks at how you look at the world and finds your assumptions so that they can be examined and reshaped in a more honest light.  This method may not be the depression cure, but it has helped many people overcome depression.

Learn how I beat Depression

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