The Best Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

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There is no single treatment for bipolar disorder. However, many people find that certain interventions work better during different stages of the condition. Manic depression is marked by extreme shifts in mood ranging from profound sadness to elation. Some treatments benefit patients during depressed states whilst other interventions benefit those experiencing mania.

Treatments for Mania

Manic episodes are problematic because the individual is in a state of inattention and high energy. Approaches like psychotherapy can be ineffective because the patient is unable to keep focus on the subject at hand. The inattentiveness makes interventions that require thought and concentration unproductive.

Some individuals require antipsychotic medication to manage manic episodes, especially when they have advanced bipolar disorder paired with psychosis. This medication is effective in helping people manage their behaviours and impulsiveness as well as addressing erratic thought processes and delusions.

Treatments for Depression

Cognitive-behavioural therapy and other psychotherapy treatments are ideal for individuals who are in balanced states or who are experiencing depression because they are better able to process the information. Thoughts are not racing and they are more receptive to the ideas that are presented during therapy.

Antidepressants can be prescribed during depressed states to help the individual deal with the low mood and feelings of sadness. The antidepressants are effective in treating anxiety that may be present in this condition as well. Some people who have bipolar disorder take antidepressants along with mood stabilizers.

Mood Stabilisers

Medications that stabilize mood are commonly prescribed in the treatment for bipolar disorder. These medications are effective in helping the individual find emotional balance and relief from the symptoms of manic depression. Lithium is a well-known medication that is often prescribed for the treatment of manic depression.

Mood stabilizers are ideal because they help the individual achieve balance that is difficult to attain in manic depression. Some people find the medication to work wonders for their condition because the problem is believed to be an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Once the chemicals are balanced, the individual feels relief.

Combined Therapies

When mood is stabilized, the subject is better able to receive psychotherapy approaches as part of the treatment plan. Psychotherapy can be very effective in helping bipolar individuals to take a new perspective on their emotional states and their experiences.

The best therapy for bipolar disorder is one that addresses the patient as an individual. Choosing the right medication and the proper therapeutic interventions is a very important aspect of successfully managing the condition.

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