Tasty Treats Keep the Blues Away

Learn how I beat Depression

There has always been a notion out there that chocolate treats can help us get over times of sadness, but now it is official. That chocolate pick-me-up really can pick us up when we are feeling down, according to a study concocted by The Black Dog Institute at The Prince of Wales Hospital In Australia.

Women recount time and again how eating mountains of the stuff can aid them through their breakups, it has been on Sex and The City, and in reality it has been a part of our collective consciousness for years. Men in trouble with their wives have relied on the boxes of wonder to get her back into a good mood for decades and beyond.

Were it to have been a mere legend and old wives tale until now, well now it is official, with the study researchers finding that yes indeed chocolate may help in cases of depression. There is another layer underneath the top tasty treat of info however, with the finding has come pointers towards a long sought after piece of depression information; that is the cause.

It was out of a desire to put under investigation the links that exist between cravings for chocolate and the style of personality of the individual. So too the researchers were seeking out atypical depressive symptoms.

The chase for info came from the everyday fact that there are certain people who crave chocolate when they are down, and there are people who do not.  The purpose of the study on this note was to determine what are the similarities(If any) across these people to see if the craving were about the personality traits, or the depressive symptoms. Seems clear enough, but what did they uncover?

3000 individuals were accessed for information through online questionnaires. The findings configured that people who pertain to a higher-order neurotic personality type along with holding the atypical depression symptoms were the individuals most likely to crave chocolate. The study also noted that more women than men crave chocolate in this way (but we knew that already didn’t we.) The fact that women function in this way means that there is a potentially a hormonal input to the craving.

Learn how I beat Depression

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    there are very coflicting views on this matter, for instance http://healthtopical.com/general-discussion-4/general-4-2793.html states chocolate may deepen depression. Other experts suggest small amounts of cocoa rich (over 75%) chocolate daily are good. the book Potatoes not Prozac gives a good understanding on the matter

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