Take the Devil by the Horns and Tell Him You are Moving Out (Depression Anxiety)

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When we lose we lose, and God damn it I’ve lost, hell I’ve lost, well actually I haven’t lost Hell, or maybe just maybe I have in a way. I have a theory that Heaven and Hell are not magical places, ethereal ones that are experienced in the hereafter. They are in the here and the now right here on earth. They aren’t just over the hills and in lands of legend like Ireland’s ‘Tir Na nOg’ (Land where no one grows old) I believe that Heaven and Hell are in our minds. They’re what now?! About 7 billion living people walking around on this Earth, some people in their minds are experiencing Heaven, some are in Limbo (I know this was just an invention of the Catholic Church, but in my theory it exists. OK?) and the remainder are busy suffering depression anxiety in their own personal Hell.

We live out our life chasing positive moments, and trying to avoid the negative ones, we push against milestones where achievement gives us the positive energy to get us even further, bringing us to heaven. We sit and do little, and feel nothing pretty much (See I told you, Limbo!) or we wallow in the bad, the possible bad, the bad things that people have said about us cut away at our core, and rot what is really good about us, and this my friends is Hell on Earth.

You would imagine that a person would move Heaven and Earth not to waste their time in a wallow, but some are accepting that this is a place they deserve to be, depression anxiety can be a convincing master, (The Devil, I knew I would get him in there somewhere) but the devil and his daughter knows that depression is avoidable, and above all else when you fall into its pit know that, the Devil is beatable. Now assuming that there is no God, we can’t be depending on that chap to give us a knock out punch that will pulverize him into submission and make him leave us alone. We need to do these things for ourselves or with the assistance of mere mortals all around us. If you feel that your depression anxiety is getting the better of you there is no harm in seeking help, there is no shame in admitting that you have a problem. Certainly there is no shame in wanting the best for yourself.

Our mental health is our only real wealth in life. We have seen our friends and neighbours all lose their asses financially in the property markets over the course of our lives. Whilst you can’t put a price on it, believe me its got value. In the same way that we can maintain or leave a home to ruin, we can make a Heaven or a Hell out of the inner sanctum of our minds. Visit inside from time to time, and give it the paint job it needs, shine up those gates, sweep that pathway, have a seat on your stoop, and ponder if your mind is Heaven, Limbo or Hell.

What is the first thought that hits you each day? What are your last thoughts before the pillow helps you find sleep in your bed at night? Do you enjoy your time, spend your time seeking a way to find enjoyment, are you ‘limboing’ around (not the Jamaican dance) with cobwebs and a lack of clarity and direction, or are you literally worrying yourself to an early grave with depression anxiety?

Once you realise where you are, you can then go about your business continuing to live away in Heaven, giving the place an occasional dusting to keep yourself happy there, or you can make a decision that you want to move house. Deciding that you are going to move house you will know from your real life experience is more than half the battle. Once you make the decision to move the next thing you know, the removal vans are parked up outside, and it is done. Whilst moving house can be a stressful time in our lives, the movement within our inner space, where we leave our baggage behind us and start afresh carries no such anxiousness.

You don’t have to die to get to Heaven, but you may have to knock several lumps out of the Devil to get you out of the tenants agreement. Remember though you weren’t of sound mind when you moved in, and it isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

Learn how I beat Depression

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