Symptoms Of Depression In Children

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Depression is a common disorder that affects overall energy level, mood, emotion and behavior.  Depression is also referred to as Mood Disorder.  How you feel at any given moment is called emotion, while how you feel over a period of time is referred to as your mood.

Depression in children is a problem that has increased in recent years.  It is estimated that 1 out of 10 children between the ages of six and twelve years old suffer with the symptoms of depression for extended periods of time.

How Can I Know If My Child Has Depression?

There are several symptoms and behaviors that are associated with childhood depression.  You can use this list to help you determine if your child may be suffering from depression.

? Your child exhibits abnormal crying, or feels sad, helpless or hopeless
? Your child feels discouraged or worthless
? Your child experiences a loss of interest or pleasure in other people or activities that he/she used to find enjoyable
? Your child experiences fatigue or a loss of energy nearly every day
? Your child has an excessively bad temper or is easily irritated, feels irritable or is easily annoyed
? Your child is fearful, tense or anxious
? Your child is experiencing repeated rejection by other children
? You notice a drop in your child’s performance at school
? Your child stops doing activities that he/she used to enjoy, such as sports
? Your child has a hard time sitting still or fidgets and paces
? Your child has repeated emotional outbursts, shouts or complains more than what would be considered normal
? You child does not talk with other children
? Your child complains about physical pain such as a headache, stomach ache or aching arms and legs
? Your child’s eating habits have either increased significantly in a way not associated to growing or decrease substantially
? Your child experiences a change in sleeping patterns either by having trouble getting to sleep, having a fitful sleep during the night, or wants to sleep more than what seems normal for a growing child.

If your child experiences any of the following symptoms get help immediately.

? Suicidal thoughts, feelings or self harming behavior
? Abuse or prolonged use of drugs or alcohol
? Symptoms of depression combined with unusual behavior

Child depression is more common than people think and is a serious condition.  As a parent you will need to find a way to help your child through their depression in a caring and helpful way.

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