Study Finds that Males are more Likely to Act on Suicidal Thoughts

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A Canadian research compilation has determined that whereas it is the young women of Canada who are more prone to having suicidal thoughts above and beyond their contra gender peers, it is the males of this age who are more likely to act.

The study on teenage depression and suicide in Canada was taken on by psychiatrists at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.

Other new data was correlated, and other determinants other than age and gender were found to exist in determining those who need to deal with depression. There is a link between ‘suicidality’ and age. Also however there is a link between ‘suicidality,’ the location of dwelling, and income level.

The psychiatrists set out with the intention of determining if the Canadian problem of youth depression is on a par with that held by their United States neighbours. The fact that Canada has a universal health care system on offer to its citizens was viewed pre study as a potential reason why there would be a difference between rates in the two states.

The assumption was that the healthcare system would be of benefit in some way to keeping the numbers lower north of the border.

Amy Cheung the author of the study stated, “Adolescents are very likely to experiences depression during their teenage years, and if you go to a classroom of 30 kids, you’ll find two or three may have experienced depression previously or are currently experiencing depressive symptoms.” She continued by saying that the majority of these children fail to receive treatment for depression of any kind. She went on to conclude how, “Depression itself can have a significant impact on their functioning in school and can be a big cause of disability and burden in the family.”

The study found that the highest incidence of attempted suicides was amongst young men from British Columbia with the highest number of respondents to the Psychiatrist’s survey reporting depression hailing from Quebec. It emerged that amongst the British Columbia young women almost a quarter had suicidal thoughts.

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