Simon Cowell talks of his depression but is he depressed?

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Simon Cowell is the latest celebrity to speak openly to the media about their depression. Cowell told Oprah when he appeared on her show that when he is depressed, it’s best to leave him alone as he is “like a bear in a cage”.

He went on to describe how he feels like he is going into a sort of hibernation and is very “dark” during these times.

He blamed the pressures of having many people depend on him and how this is very draining.  However, he also says he wouldn’t take anti depressant medication in order to deal with it as he thinks its something he has to deal with on his own.

“I put it down to, OK, so I’m a bit moody, bit over-dramatic about everything, give yourself a mental slap and get on with it.”

This is a mistake that many people make about depression. We all get a bit down in the dumps and fed up at times. We all get overwhelmed with pressures at work and at home, but when someone is seriously depressed, they cannot just pick themselves up and get on with it. That’s what defines the difference between feeling a bit depressed and actually suffering from depression.

So how do you recognize if you are truly depressed?

Depression can range from mild to severe but in order to be diagnosed with depression the individual will usually have suffered from a number of symptoms for a period of at least two weeks.

These symptoms which can include low moods, sadness, lack of joy, sleep disturbances, changes in appetite, fatigue, negative thoughts, and an inability to take pleasure in things you used to enjoy, need to be severe enough to interfere with your normal daily routines.

The doctor will also need to rule out any other potential causes of the symptoms such as drugs, alcohol, or a medical condition.

The problem is, we all use the word depressed when we feel blue but we mustn’t mistake this for true depression. There are still too many people who suffer from depression but who don’t seek help because they are either too embarrassed, don’t know they are depressed, or mistakenly see depression as a weakness and something they can snap out of just like that.

Untreated depression can seriously impair quality of life and yet depression is treatable and no one should have to suffer unnecessarily.

Learn how I beat Depression

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