Selecting a Bipolar Drug

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The appropriate bipolar drug can yield excellent results in the treatment of manic depression. The mood disorder is believed to have a chemical basis, in which imbalances of chemicals in the brain lead to serious emotional and behavioural imbalances. Bipolar medication is designed to create a balance.

Mood Stabilisers

Mood stabilisers are effective in the treatment of bipolar disorder. This kind of bipolar drug is ideal as a preventative measure. The idea is to keep normal moods stable before a bout of depression or mania develops. This group of medications treat both mania and depressed states without making either one worse.

Some medicines treat symptoms of one polarity or another. Antidepressants are effective when the individual is in a depressed state. However, these medications can have an adverse effect on the person when he enters a state of mania. Medications to lower manic states can lead to feelings of depression.

Four Aspects of Treatment

Mood stabilizers provide four very important purposes in the treatment of bipolar disorder.

? Prevents depressed states
? Prevents hypomania and manic states
? Treats depression as it occurs
? Treats hypomania and mania as they occur

The nature of bipolar disorder is one that is very problematic when it comes to choosing medication. Mood stabilizers are ideal because they offer a means to treat each end of the spectrum and they provide preventative treatment for the condition as well.

Bipolar Drug Types

There are different types of moods stabilizers to consider. Finding the right prescription is an integral part of properly addressing the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Following are examples of commonly used mood stabilizers.

? Lamictal is ideal when depression is the primary concern in the condition.
? Seroquel is prescribed when depression and mania are equally problematic. This medication is effective in treating sleep problems.
? Depakote is prescribed for severe mania. It is a strong medication that is commonly prescribed to men.
? Tegretol is a relatively inexpensive option that addresses mania and sleep problems effectively.
? Zyprexa is an emergency drug for very severe symptoms. This medication is used on an as-needed basis.


Lithium is unique because some refer to this bipolar drug as a mood stabiliser whilst others do not. This drug is ideal for treating individuals with bipolar I symptoms. Lithium is an inexpensive medication that is effective in treating extremely elevated mania and deep depression. Lithium may be prescribed for individuals who have suicidal tendencies.

The options are quite vast in the treatment of bipolar disorder. Choosing the right prescription takes some consideration. The effort is well spent considering the benefits to using medication therapy in the treatment of manic depression.

Learn how I beat Depression

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