Seeking Depression Help

Learn how I beat Depression

When you are depressed it is always a good idea to seek professional help.  You can help the process along by taking an active part in your recovery.  There are many activities that can aid you in feeling better and returning to a life unencumbered by feelings and symptoms of depression.  Always talk to your health professional to make sure that a certain activity or treatment plan is appropriate in your unique situation.

Have Goals

Depression can make it difficult to do anything.  Setting small, achievable goals is a positive step that you can take.  This is a time in life to really prioritize and look at what needs to be done as opposed to what can wait.

If a task seems to be too big to take on then break it up into smaller components.  Doing a little bit or taking a few small steps toward your goal is fine.  The point is to do what you can.  Beyond that, be gentle with yourself.  Remember that you are doing the best you can and when you can do more then you will.


Try to spend time with other people.  This may seem like a challenge, but time spent with other people gives you the human interaction that all people need.  Find activities that make you feel better, even a little better, and do them.

This could include appropriate amounts of exercise, going out to see a movie, religious outings or activities, or any social activities.  Realize that it will probably take time for you to feel better and return to previous levels of functioning.  Things will get better gradually so make the most of the activities that you can participate in and know that the rest will improve in time.

How You Think

Your view of life is not entirely objective when you are depressed.  You need to keep this fact in mind and not make any major decisions from your current viewpoint; if you do need to make a decision then accept input from those who you trust and who know you well.  They will be able to give you some perspective on the situation.

Think positively.  This may sound absurd, but every effort to look for the positive parts of life will move you toward recovery.

Depression is a serious condition that requires professional help, but that is not all.  You need to do your part, too, by doing what you can, whatever that may be, to take positive steps toward recovery; when you do that that is when you will find real depression help.

Learn how I beat Depression

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