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There is no specific anxiety cure since anxiousness is a natural occurrence. Anxious feelings are responses that have a biological component to consider, namely the amygdala. The amygdala is a region of the brain that is wired to process emotional responses including fear and anxiety. This region of the brain may be affected in some cases.

Doctor’s Surgery Visits

There may be a medical condition that creates the anxiety that you feel. It is very important to visit your physician in order to have a through physical exam before seeking help from a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Environmental factors may also be a considerable factor as well. Some individuals may experience the symptoms of anxiety disorder if they take certain medications. Excessive caffeine intake is quite problematic for many individuals and an excess of this substance may lead to anxiousness.

Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety is commonly associated with other disorders, most commonly, depression. When anxiety is present in a person who is suffering from depression there is great hope. The presence of anxiety in depression means that the subject has not succumbed to the depressive state.

Treatment for anxiety when in the presence of depression requires little more than treating the depression itself. As the individual experiences relief from the depressed state, he is better able to deal with feelings of anxiousness as well.

Treatment Approaches

There are varieties of treatment approaches that are quite effective. However, it is necessary to determine whether you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder or another form of the condition. Anxiety appears in a number of different conditions. Treating generalized anxiety is different from treating anxiety associated with other conditions.


Clinicians typically use medication and psychological approaches in order to treat generalized anxiety disorder. Medication can be effective in problems that require immediate attention over a short period. Medications are commonly used for panic attacks that may occur in some cases.

Some anti-anxiety medications are quite addictive so it is important to be evaluated regularly while taking short-term medications like Xanax. Your physician should monitor your progress and it is likely that the medication will be used for a relatively short time to avoid unnecessary dependence.

Psychological Approaches

Psychotherapy addresses a few issues when treating generalized anxiety disorder. These issues include stress management, planning skills and relaxation techniques. Individuals can avoid panic and anxiety as they learn proper ways to deal with stress. Planning is an excellent preventative measure.

Relaxation is amongst the most important approaches to treating anxiety. Whilst there isn’t a direct cure for anxiety , the condition can be managed with the proper treatment and part of that treatment could include relaxation techniques.

Learn how I beat Depression

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