Put Your Hands Up, Nothing Bad Can Happen

Learn how I beat Depression

When we are a child, and we do something wrong there is such a great deal of emphasis placed on the getting away with it. We’ve been naughty, we know that we’ve done a bad thing, but the desire not to reap the consequences is overwhelming. We will lie through our teeth to avoid taking ownership and responsibility for what we normally knew was a blatant disregard for the rules.

I remember eating a warm apple pie, about half the thing with my bare hands, I can still remember the sticky apple sauce being licked off my probably bacteria covered hands. Just like someone else’s piece of chocolate or chips always tasted better than when we had an entire bag to ourselves, there was a sinful delight in the taste, but a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach when my mother was baying for blood.

There were five children in my family which gave plenty of room for maneuver for the buck to be passed on, and I can still remember other members of my family getting the blame for things that I had done wrong. This is when you have done something wrong however, that is when the avoidance of owning up and admitting something poses such a dilemma, I still fail to see now that I am much longer in the tooth though, why so many of us have an issue with seeking to help depression in themselves, by owning up to the fact that there is a problem.

It is not like they have done something wrong to suffer from the ailment, it is not like they have lived their life in such a way that they have gotten so much good at the expense of others. It is not like they have spent the last ten years f their lives executing children and now as a consequence are impeded in their functioning with the onslaught of The Big D.

To help depression, we first need to admit in ourselves that there is a problem. It is only through admitting this as a fact that we can even hope to move onto the next area of dealing with it. From admitting it in ourselves we can then move forward to admit it to someone else, be that a stranger, or someone close to us. Problems are often insurmountable when we go it alone, but the problem only gets worse when we fail to make an admission. I’m certain if right off the bat I had shown my sticky fingers to my mum having felt the bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, and realised that the only way to rid myself of that feeling was to go forward and throw those hands right up, had I done that I’m sure there wouldn’t have been as many slaps to my bottom, there may not even have been none.

Taking ownership for our transgressions is promoted as a positive thing from early childhood by good parents the world over. It is a lesson hopefully learned and in an employment situation, when I have been the cause of broken toilet seats or photocopiers I have been quick to raise my hand as a result. Now I’m not going to get a slap on the bottom, but in this environment there is a severe risk attached to not taking ownership and eventually being found out. The repercussions however for throwing your hands up and seeking to help depression in yourself are never negative, why so would so many people fail to just throw them up and reap nothing but reward?

The stimulus that drives us each day is the searching for the positive, instead of admitting you have done wrong, which almost guarantees a punishment, admitting that there is a problem or issue in yourself guarantees reward. I think people need to look a little closer at the mathematics of that before they leave their hands in their pockets, and discontent themselves to leave their chin scraping the ground.

Learn how I beat Depression

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