Psychological therapies will continue across the NHS

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Health Secretary Andrew Lansley whilst visiting a psychological therapies service in Berkshire West, along with Care Services Minister Paul Burstow, outlined the government’s commitment to increase access to psychological therapies in the UK by pledging £70 million over the coming year to be spent on new and existing therapies to treat mental health conditions like depression and anxiety disorders.

The psychological therapies are not intended to replace medication but can be used as an alternative option to medication or in conjunction with medication to optimise the treatment for individuals.

At the moment access to psychological therapies can vary from region to region but the government want to make psychological therapies available to more geographical areas across the UK.

“Our Coalition Programme set out our intention to ensure greater access to talking therapies. We want to offer long-term solutions to people with mental health problems and psychological therapies do that” said Lansley

“Working through issues gives people the skills to manage them and deal with them more effectively if they recur.

“Depression affects up to one in six people at some point in their life and good mental health services are a key part of a preventative and patient-centred NHS. We will broaden the geographical coverage of services and also the range of therapies available. This will help us to deliver more choice and give people better access to the right psychological support”

Care Minister Paul Burstow who accompanied Lansley on his visit to Berkshire West said “it is early days for the programme, but we know we need to do more to increase the number of trained therapists and reduce waiting times. It means that by 2011, we will have trained over 3,600 therapists, with services up and running in every part of the country.”

Charles Waddicor, NHS Berkshire West Chief Executive welcomes the news that psychological therapies will be expanded.

“The announcement that psychological therapies will be expanded is good news for patients. In Berkshire West we are developing a successful Talking Therapies service which is delivering positive results helping to improve the health and wellbeing of patients.  We welcome the fact that this service had a good outcome: since 1st April 2010 it has helped get 64 people off benefits and back to work which has contributed to improving their health” said Waddicor.

Learn how I beat Depression

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