Providing Support To People With Depression Is Critical

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If you have a friend of loved one who is suffering with the illness of depression your love and support can be invaluable to their successful treatment and recovery.  Depression affects millions of people from all walks of life.  Depression is nothing to be ashamed of, but sometimes people are afraid to seek help due to fear, embarrassment, or guilt.  If you suspect that a friend or loved one is suffering from depression you can help them by offering support to them as they get help for their illness.

How To Provide Support To People With Depression

? Listen to them.  If your friend or family member knows that they can turn to you for a sympathetic and non judgemental ear they will be more apt to open up and talk about what is on their minds.  Tell your loved one that you want to help them and that you are willing to listen to them whenever they want to talk.
? Give positive reinforcement.  People that suffer from depression often feel worthless and useless.  Let your loved one know that they are a valuable part of your life.  Remind them about their positive qualities and let them know how much they mean to you.
? Encourage consistent disease management by reminding them to take their medication and going to therapy and doctors appointments with them
? Provide a low stress environment that includes a regular routine and an organized space.  You may even be able to help out by planning meals, setting up a schedule and helping to organize things.
? Offer to help in any way that you can.  Let your friend know what tasks you would be happy to help them with such as balancing a check book, cooking meals, doing the laundry, or mowing their lawn.  Anything you can do to help can mean a lot to a person with depression.  These small acts of kindness also help to provide proof that you feel that your friend or loved one is valuable and loved.
? Make a date to go for a walk together or go shopping.  Plan activities that your friend or loved one used to enjoy.

It may be overwhelming and seem like a daunting task to help people with depression.  It will not be an easy thing to do and you need to understand that it can be a challenge.  Be sure that while you are helping your friend or loved one that you take care of yourself too; if possible find a caregivers support network to share your feelings, struggles and victories with.

Learn how I beat Depression

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