People Need Help With Depression

Learn how I beat Depression

When someone you love has depression, you can feel as powerless as they do.  You want to help, but you may not know how.  Depression is a big problem that will require professional help, but there are things you can do.  You can help with depression.

Learn All You Can

Start off by learning everything you can about depression.  Learn about the signs and symptoms.  Learn about common treatments.  Learn about how depressed people feel and realize that your loved one will not be able to just snap out of it.  Depression is a serious medical condition.  Being informed will help you understand what is going on.

Ask How You Can Help

Too often people decide what someone in a difficult situation needs without asking them directly.  Ask the person how you can be of assistance in this trying time.  They will appreciate that you care enough to ask.

At the same time, realize that you cannot do everything.  Only a mental health professional can provide the treatment needed.  You can provide support.  Make sure that you have help providing support and that you find support for yourself.  This will be a trying time for everyone involved.

Offer To Help With Basic Activities

Depression can be disabling so offering to help with daily activities can be a big help to someone with depression.  Grocery shopping, laundry, and even some house cleaning can go a long way in taking some of the stress off the individual.  A depressed person does not need to worry about basic details of life if you provide some help.

On the flip side, do not overdo it.  You have limits.  You cannot do everything, and you should not try to.  Pitching in is great, but wearing yourself out does not help anyone.

Threats Should Be Believed

Anyone who threatens suicide or self injurious behaviour is crying out for professional help.  All such threats need to be taken seriously and responded to appropriately.

Do not leave the person alone in this state.  Get professional help.  During depression, a person’s view of the world is altered.  Do not take any risks.  You do not know what a person might do when alone after they have made statements regarding suicide or self injury.

Offering someone help during depression is an act of kindness.  Just keep your own needs and limits in mind and you will do plenty to ease their burden as they work with professionals to move toward recovery.

Learn how I beat Depression

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