Options in Managing Bipolar

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Managing bipolar is important to living with the disorder.  Bipolar can not be cured but through good management it can be controlled and become something you can live with.  It is common for a person who has been treating their bipolar effectively to think they no longer need treatment as they are better, but this often leads to severe relapses which causes major manic and depressive episodes.

Treatment is important and should be managed carefully to ensure that your bipolar disorder is kept under control. The following outlines the common medical treatments for bipolar disorder.


The most common way to treat bipolar is through medication.  Usually a person is given a combination of drugs to treat both manic and depressive episodes.

Lithium is a popular drug used to treat manic episodes.  Mood stabilizers are also used to help prevent manic and depressive episodes.  Anti depressants are also used to treat the depressive episodes.

It is usually a process that the patient and doctor go through to find the best medication or combination of medications to use in treatment.


Therapy is used in many forms from professional to private.  A person with bipolar can join support groups or talk to a counselor.  Therapy is often used to help a person learn to deal with their condition, learn about their condition and to generally help make it easier to deal with bipolar.

Most doctors recommend some type of therapy for bipolar.  Talking through feelings can help you to identify what triggers your bipolar episodes and can be a good way to control them in the future.  You can also find out a lot more about yourself and learn to manage your life better through therapy.


Support comes in many forms.  It does not just include support groups where you talk to others dealing with bipolar.  It can include learning more through reading about bipolar and discovering new methods of treatment.  You may also learn more about how others deal with bipolar and get some useful advice you can use.

It is hard to deal with bipolar alone and through support many people they become more able to handle their condition.  You can find support offline and online.

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy or ECT has shown great results for people who are not able to tolerate medications or do not respond to other treatments.  ECT is a form of electroshock therapy.  It is done under professional guidance.  ECT is often used in very severe cases.

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