Oh Me Oh My, My Mum (Depression and anxiety)

Learn how I beat Depression

Yikes! Some mothers do have them, and some children do have them, its time to talk about the age old problem of having an anxious mother. “Mind yourself crossing the road,” “what if she gets pregnant?” “What are you going to do now?” Questions answered with ease, or directions that would always have been followed even if the direction was not given, all unnecessary.

That is the essence of depression and anxiety suffered by mothers. Where I’d hazard a guess that a man’s midlife crisis is a consequence that his children are all grown up, and he loses his direction in life, the motherly instinct of, well Mum’s is steadfast and steadfast to a fault. The never ailing nervousness for her offspring sets in depression and anxiety from all of the worries of what her darling little ducklings may come up against. They never lose that motherly feeling. I’m not knocking it, but I do suggest that it is all unnecessary.

Why would you worry about things at all when you have absolutely no control over them for one thing, but mainly because they might not happen at all. Easy to say that you shouldn’t worry, but that won’t stop the worrying now will it? All of the worry and feeling of helplessness for the poor doll gets to her in a way, and the consequences only make the problem worse. Worrying about worrying, what a waste of time, what a waste of the wonderful human ability to think, to imagine and to be creative. Why would we waste our gift in this area doing something that is only going to bring us down, drive our mood into a place where worrying leads to upset and then from upset to despair.

I really shouldn’t bring my mother into this, I love her to bits, but maybe in pointing out this failing and showing to you what it has done to her and countless other mothers out there I can demonstrate it in a way which allows control to be taken. With control comes the chance to counteract the depression and anxiety caused by this worry.

What are the emotions that she goes through? First when we imagine something bad, we are so good in our visualization as human beings, that for our bodies and for our minds they actually exist. Try it (On second thoughts please don’t) when we imagine a situation that gives us stress we actually make this stress represent itself. Imagine something positive or cast your mind back to a positive time, and so too we will feel positive emotions. With the mind’s ability in this way to bring on the negative or the positive why would we use it for badness in ourselves?

Why would we actually put effort into damaging ourselves? I never (touch wood) got hit by a car, I can control that by looking each way before crossing, or by running very quickly. My girlfriend never got pregnant, again I control that with birth control, so too when things in my life get to a point where a decision must be made, I am big enough and hairy enough to make that choice all by myself.

All of these questions when asked by Mum and the imaginings of what may come, actually caused her very real pain and anxiety, and I believe it depressed her. Was it pointless wasting all of time and doing that damage to herself? Of course it was. You cannot control the lives of those around you, so why would you waste your time worrying about the ‘what ifs’ in their own lives. For any children reading this and nodding remembering times in their own lives when they have experienced the same, and for any mothers out there too who recognise what I am saying in themselves, I am not making a joke of it. This is not some adult form of malevolent adolescence trying to deride my mum based on some kind of psychological mother complex, I’m just trying to make a point. Worry brings anxiety and depression, so don’t worry just be happy and let what will be, be, if what comes is bad then maybe is a good time worry.

Learn how I beat Depression

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