OCD – Hollywood star Megan Fox reveals her suffering

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OCD or Obsessional Compulsive Disorder is a mental illness that involves obsessive thoughts that produce intense anxiety and which often results in ritualistic behaviour as a way of finding relief.

The severity of the disorder can range from mild, where it can cause only a slight inconvenience and suffering, to very severe which can severely impact and limit a person’s freedom to carry out their normal routines. Each person’s experience of OCD is different, which can make diagnosis and treatment problematic.

For some the disorder may be mild and involve things like checking they have their keys a few times or checking that the gas is off a number of times before they can actually leave the house and we can all relate to that on some level.

For others it may be more serious with repeated ritualistic hand washing and much higher than normal levels of cleanliness. A few people with severe OCD may find it impossible to work, sustain relationships, or live a normal life at all.

According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, around one in 50 people suffer from OCD at some point in their lives. They list Charles Darwin, Florence Nightingale and John Bunyan as famous personalities who have suffered from the disorder.

Now 24 year old Hollywood beauty Megan Fox has revealed that she is suffering from OCD and she cannot use public toilets or go out for a meal in a restaurant because of her mental “sickness”.

Megan, who starred in the Transformers, was being interviewed by Allure Magazine and told them “This is a sickness, I have an illness – this is not OK anymore”.

“Every time someone uses a bathroom and they flush, all the bacteria is shot into the air” she said, which is why she cannot use public toilets.

“Putting my mouth where a million other mouths have been, just knowing all the bacteria that you carry in your mouth?” she said which is why she cannot use cutlery in a restaurant.

Megan reckons she would rather starve to death than try to make herself a meal and says she can go a week without food. She also said she prefers her own company to the company of others.

“I could go days, weeks, without talking to another human being,” she said. “I hate receiving compliments; I hate being told I’m talented or people think I’m going to be a movie star” and “I always feel that it’s forced and fake.”

If you think you might be suffering from OCD then speak to your doctor as there is treatment and you can learn to deal with it.

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  1. yvonne collins
    Posted November 22, 2010 at 11:49 am | Permalink

    Megan is the first person I have come across who shares my thoughts on putting restaurant cutlery in their mouths. I do eat out, but the thought is always there. I examine the cutlery first but are still never really happy & would prefare to take my own.

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