Numbers Up (Depression therapy)

Learn how I beat Depression

The wheels are spinning, the cards are being flipped, the bells ring all around as jackpots are hit, the machines soon to swallow right back up what has been won. All around, the observer can note a range of demeanors in the people that populate the casino this night.

There are a few women in nice dresses with men in suits, probably making the visit as part of some work function. There are others though and the looks on their faces are not so wide eyed with the novelty of the experience. In fact the experience is no novelty. They have seen the flip to 10’s of 1000’s of cards, they have seen the roulette ivory ball spill into its number segment countless times. Their number strikes and the look on their faces do not show the satisfaction that winning at odds of 35-1 should bring. There should be pure elation evident, but the wheels have been in motion for so long that even this big win does not leave them even remotely close to the point of their beginning.

Even if the ball was to land on their number ten times in a row, there would be no elation, they have lost it all, gone back again to try to win it all back when the next wage packet came, and then they went and lost all of that again too. These are familiar scenes in the gambler flooded casinos of the world every day and night of the week, the air conditioned, the lights bright, no clocks present so the gambler can tell how long they have wasted in this half life environment.

Their losses have saddened them, their losses are more than purely financial, their relationships struggle, as finances are unfortunately part of the gel that keeps people together. There is a physical fatigue, there is a lack of value being derived from the little wins that they do manage to achieve, they no longer experience the satisfaction that they once did from something they once actually enjoyed. In essence the pattern of gambling in their lives has led them down a path, an addiction sneaked up on them, and with that addiction they have contracted an addiction to pain, they have assaulted their minds with depression.

The clear cut depression therapy you would imagine in these instances would be just to quit, but it obviously isn’t that easy. There is a comfort of sorts for the mind with the anxiety that occurs when that little ball spins, or looking into the eyes of your opponent on the poker table, trying to read their minds, and read their cards to determine if you have the better of them. What little element of skill or luck or chance or whatever powers that be that make these people believe night after night that the situation can improve? They will hold onto these and use them as their tools to keep them going.  Depression therapy for gamblers, possibly begins in the halls of an Alcoholics Anonymous type organisation called Gamblers Anonymous, but just like with depression and alcoholism that admission that there is a problem in the first place, needs to be gotten over.

With that admission comes the opportunity for help to be found, and the opportunity for a resolution to the problem. I have looked into the faces of these men and I have noticed from the statistics that there is a correlation between the increase in single vehicle road death statistics over the same period that these ‘members clubs’ first began to rear their heads. I have seen the men dejectedly leaving the casino with empty pockets and empty souls, having to go back to their wives and somehow explain why there no money for food, and that the woman will have to beg steal or borrow from her family or another place, just to keep their family going until the next paycheck, which in itself is already owed to a credit institution.

I have witnessed these men leave and seen how depressed they were, I often wondered what was to stop them en-route home just swerving that car into a tree, and ending their misery, when therapy for depression could have lifted the veil of misery. The link has never been reported, it is too difficult a link for a journalist to prove, but I know it is there. I know what these places, these casinos these bookies, these one armed bandit playgrounds have done to people. I know, they know, but the wheels still turn and the cards are still flipped.

Learn how I beat Depression

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