No Good Reason To Leave Us (Depression help)

Learn how I beat Depression

We all have had friends who lost the will to live. Hopefully they made it through, and found their reasons as to why life is indeed worth living. If not, it is a sad and sorry lot, I’ve known of people once close to me, who may have done it, but I stopped the messenger mid flow, not wanting  to hear the actual words lest they eat me up inside and cast me back down that road myself.

We have all read about the suicide triangle, in particular in young people in a locality. What can happen is that one person does the unthinkable, and then for whatever reasons a spate of suicides from those who knew them begins. It is a trigger, and the reasoning behind the why? Why the others have chosen this time, brings more and more young people to doubt, more youths doubting the worthwhile nature of living life.

If only it had been known that they were experiencing these thoughts, there was always depression help out there, either amongst their friends or at the end of the phone. It is much less likely that you telling someone you are having troubles will affect them badly, much less likely that is than were you to go down this stupid and my parents say ‘selfish’ route. The hurt that the first individual commits on his or her locality is total, with the suicide triangle that hurt goes further, far further than even they could imagine based on the sheer hurt that they experienced in their hearts, leading them to act in this manner. The hurt and harm grows exponentially for a while, but it does stop, thank heavens it eventually stops. The harm moves on to another town, another village, more tears more hurt, all because depression help was never sought.

The reasoning behind other people acting in this copycat manner belies me a little. I think it may have something to do with what limits us from acting on our own suicidal thoughts in the first place. There is a fear, and a reluctance to go through with it out of these fears. But that is no way to live your life, living it on a tender-hook where the only reason you don’t put an end to it all is because you are too afraid to end it. When these young people destined to become just a point in the triangle or rectangle or pentagon or on and on, these people see the other individual ‘achieved’ what they were afraid to do, and it gives them the ‘guts’ they need, to get on with the business of dying.

The people who lose their lives in this way are honest to goodness good people, usually a little more sensitive than the norm, but that only makes for a nicer individual less prone to desiring the hurt and the suffering of others. But what do they do when they commit the act? What they do creates hurt levels untold, far reaching hurt and pain well beyond the limitations of the mind of the individual who needed depression help in the first place.

But just as not having the guts to kill yourself, is no valid reason for living, nor is the pain and hurt that your dying would do onto others. You need to look deep, or maybe you just need to open your God damned eyes to what is worth living for. What can be put into, and experienced in a day? Imagine the joy of all the days of the rest of your life, imagine owning them and having the freedom to fill them in whatever way you wanted.

No need to imagine, that is the reality that is the potential of living. and the reason for it.

Learn how I beat Depression

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