No Doubt ‘Burn out’ in Depression Link

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Employees who take on roles where they are under pressure, and as a result may find themselves in stressful situations, are a ‘burn out’ risk.

This may not be fresh news however researchers are finding that it does go some way to explain the link that exists between job strain and depression. With samples of 3,200 working adults taken in a new study by Finnish scientists many of the workers were found to have already ‘burnt out.’

Those that had ‘burnt out,’ were determined in a specific questionnaire that showed they now possessed cynicism, were exhausted, and that they had a low professional effectiveness in their role. Where there is little actual control over the work one must complete in their jobs this added to the possibility of work strain being evident.

It was found by the study that 28% of those respondents were indeed ‘burnt out.’ There were some links of commonality between the ‘burnt out’ workers but the phenomenon was right across the board. It was determined that unmarried manual workers were the main group likely to have burnt out. However physical inactivity in the job, obesity, and a problem with alcohol consumption were also found to have links to higher than normal rates of ‘burn out’

Almost a quarter of those surveyed showed that they were experiencing high levels of stress in their job. This factored in as the primary reason behind ‘burn out.’ High stress in the work you carry out leaves you seven times more likely to ‘burn out’ and with that ‘burn out,’ depression is imminent. Work strain also posed a risk factor making suffering from depression more likely with those who experienced it. Clinical depression it was determined is almost as likely to come out of a high job strain environment.

Learn how I beat Depression

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  1. Shelagh
    Posted March 22, 2011 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

    Could not agree more – my job (and hundreds like me) sit and answer phones every day. This is soul destroying and the repitition get you down so much that you end up feeling like a robot. You are also measured by your call times and the amount of calls you take – all for a caring employer – no the Government.

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