Music Prescriptions For Depression Instead Of Drugs?

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Scottish scientists from Glasgow Caledonian University are looking at ways of combining sound engineering technology and psychology which could pave the way for offering music therapy as a treatment for depression and other mental health problems and maybe even pain.

It has long been known that music can have an impact on mood but this research takes that a lot further and backs up that belief with science.

A group of volunteers have been identifying which emotions were associated with certain music and the researchers have been carrying out a detailed analysis of that music’s rhythm, tone, pitch, lyrics and melodic range as well as other factors.

“The impact of a piece of music on a person goes so much further than thinking that a fast tempo can lift a mood and a slow one can bring it down” said Dr Don Knox, an audio engineer and leader of the project

“Music expresses emotion as a result of many factors. These include the tone, structure and other technical characteristics of a piece. Lyrics can have a big impact too.

“But so can purely subjective factors: where or when you first heard it, whether you associate it with happy or sad events and so on. Our project is the first step towards taking all of these considerations – and the way they interact with each other – on board.”

The scientists hope that as a result of the research they will be able to develop a mathematical model that will explain the ability of certain music to communicate a range of emotions and create computer software that would identify which music would be the best music to help treat patients.

“By making it possible to search for music and organise collections according to emotional content, such programs could fundamentally change the way we interact with music” said Dr Knox.

“Some online music stores already tag music according to whether a piece is ‘happy’ or ‘sad’

“Our project is refining this approach and giving it a firm scientific foundation, unlocking all kinds of possibilities and opportunities as a result”.

The project which was started nearly three years ago is due to be completed later this year.

The implications of the research are that patients could one day be prescribed music to treat their depression, and music that has been tailored specifically to their needs.

Learn how I beat Depression

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