Mentally Challenged and Mentally Ill Challenge (Depression Causes)

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Mentally ill and mentally challenged, I’m taking to mulling over these two labels, and for me the differences are distinct. I don’t have the fortune of being psychic in my abilities to know the mind’s of others though. I guess that no one really does. When I contemplate how indeed others make their differentiation if any, many of the boxes are filled in with guess work.

We assume that we aren’t crazy, or assume that we are, we assume that everyone is like us, thinks like us, but the research shows that there are more than the personality type A’s and the personality type B’s out there. Big Picture or small picture, these people see either the end result or the component parts. As such you would imagine they would see people in those different ways too. I don’t know where I lie along this spectrum, if I lie on the spectrum at all. I find it more reassuring to assume I am mad, and then it doesn’t hurt as much when some people tell me I am.

Mental illnesses is synonymous with challenges to be overcome in the mind, the depression causes that made mental illness a reality in many were so varied that it is sometimes hard even to find a commonality between how people got into the state they are in. Certainly the research shows that there are similarities in groups, but some of the causes are way out of kilter with others.

Some were hit like a ton of bricks, for others it was gradual, and for some even the depression causes are totally outside their control. The effects of trauma on us sometimes take longer than we would imagine to take hold. The victims of this year’s disaster in Japan will soon, according to the experts after an initial coming together to get over their ordeal, start to feel the impact in a way that has many of the symptoms of depression itself.

Their feelings will stem from their inability to control the world around them, that no matter what they do, they can’t change what may happen in the future. The trauma of losing their loved ones, will of course be hitting them now, but the shock and depression may be lasting unless they figure a way to cope.

Worry in itself is not a mental illness although to someone looking on or hearing a person list their worries manically they may perceive mental illness to exist. Anxiety is not a mental illness, but allowed to get out of hand and it is one of the key depression causes. Mentally challenged people and I hope I don’t offend with a generalization here, but I have known many and there has been a common thread that separate them entirely from the mentally ill. That thread is happiness, it may be a hapless happiness, but the emotion is an assured, the mentally challenged in particular the higher functioning mentally challenged people that we know in our midst, they are often deeply happy with their lot.

Unfortunately they find that their ability to love, their greatest asset, can be their greatest downfall when those persons who they love, leave, or pass away. Then the intense happiness is replaced by a just as intense a sadness. The intensity is on a parallel with manic behaviour in a way, but there is no illness in their inability to guard against the impact of high intensity emotions. The mentally challenged will pursue social interaction, whilst the mentally ill will sometimes need to be filled with poisons like alcohol and drugs before they make their move to get the ear of someone who will listen.

I sit down in a park, on a step, once I stop it seems I am a magnet for the mentally ill. Why would they be drawn to me? I guess it is just because I am an unmoving object less likely to walk away if I’m not already in motion. Smelling of drink they will speak of the ludicrous, occasionally come across as quite normal until the ranting begins. Psychosis is different than depression, but in each the mind is afflicted with a new reality. The reality in neither is actually real, it is an imagined and the mind is working against these people. Mental illness is curable, whilst what is there really to cure with the mentally challenged?

Here is an interesting question for you, and I’m not going to tell you what my own personal answer to this one would be. IF mental illness was not curable, and you had to be either mentally challenged or mentally ill, which one would you want to be labeled as and be?

Learn how I beat Depression

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