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Learn how I beat Depression

Mental health problems are common. Around one in four of us will experience a mental health problem in any year. Mental health problems can range from mild depression and anxiety to severe mental disorders such as Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. There are a huge number of mental health organisations that have been set up to help people suffering from mental health problems and the following list represents just a small sample of what is available.

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation is a leading UK charity that has been running for sixty years. They provide information for people with mental health problems. They also carry out research into mental health and issues surrounding mental health and campaign to improve the services offered to people with mental health problems. Their vision is “a mentally healthy world where people are free from the suffering caused by mental illness”.

Depression Alliance

Depression Alliance is a UK charity that was set up to offer help to people with mental health problems by providing local support via national network of self help groups as well as helpful information. They produce publications on mental health, operate a pen friend scheme, and work to raise awareness of mental health and improve the services provision for people with mental health problems.


Rethink has been running for over thirty years to help everyone affected by severe mental illness to gain a better quality of life. They are committed to making a positive difference to people who need their help through services, information and support. Rethink also carries out research in attempt to improve mental health services and create greater awareness and understanding of mental health issues.


Mind is a charity for England and Wales and they campaign for better mental health treatment and service provision for all. They operate on a local and national basis and focus on all types of mental distress. The work of Mind has helped to close the long stay asylum system, change legislation, influence treatment and increase access to psychological therapies. They also launched the ‘Time to Change’ coalition to reduce stigma and discrimination that people with mental health problems often face.


Sane was established 23 years ago with the aim of improving quality of life for people affected by mental illness. They have three objectives: Raising awareness to combat stigma, undertaking research to establish causes of mental illness and finding better treatments, and providing help and information for people experiencing mental health problems via their national telephone helpline which was set up in 1992 and their email support which has been operating since 2007.

No Panic

No panic has offices in the UK, Ireland and France and offers world wide support for people suffering from panic attacks, phobias, anxiety, and tranquilizer withdrawal. They offer a number of services including telephone support, provision of literature, audio and video cassettes, and a pen friend scheme.

Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK, which was formerly The National Phobics Society, is a UK charity which was set up by someone who had been suffering from agoraphobia. It has been running for three decades. Anxiety UK can offer support and help for people who have any anxiety related condition or phobia that limits quality of life.

First Steps to Freedom

First Steps to Freedom is a UK charity that helps people suffering from phobias, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks and tranquilizer withdrawal. They operate a confidential helpline, publications, CDs, tapes and books as well as practical help on how to overcome anxiety.


BEAT is a UK charity dedicated to helping people and families of people who are suffering from eating disorders by providing online support and a UK network of self help groups.

The Association for Post Natal Illness

The Association was set up to provide support to mothers suffering from post natal illness, to increase awareness of the condition and to promote research into the cause and nature of post natal illness. They operate a telephone helpline, a network of volunteers to provide support and they provide literature for sufferers and health care professionals.

The Woman’s Therapy Centre

The Woman’s Therapy Centre offers psychotherapy services for women which are conducted by women. Psychotherapy services offered include Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, group therapy, and individual therapy for a range of mental health problems.


Equilibrium organisation educates and supports people who self harm and the families and friends of people who self harm in order to help combat this distressing phenomenon.

Alzheimer’s Society

The Alzheimer’s Society is a national organisation with branches throughout the country. They campaign for better services and provide information and education about dementia as well as a helpline and support for carers. They can also offer financial support to families in need.

MDF the Bipolar Organisation

This organisation works to help people suffering with or affected by Bipolar disorder to take control over their lives by offering support, providing information, influencing treatment approaches and services and fighting discrimination and stigma.

Learn how I beat Depression

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