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The Mental Health Foundation is a UK charity that was founded sixty years ago back in 1949. They provide helpful information on all aspects of mental health, carry out research into the issues surrounding mental health and they actively campaign to educate the public and improve the provision of services for people with mental health problems.

The Mental Health Foundation’s vision is “a mentally healthy world where people are free from the suffering caused by mental illness”. They also rely mostly on donations to keep them going. What the Mental Health Foundation does not do is offer direct services.

In order to work towards their vision of a mentally healthy world they are constantly researching what it is that makes us “mentally well” and using the information learned from the research to make a difference to the lives of people suffering with a mental health problem.

They do this by campaigning and informing policy makers, the media and the general public about the issues surrounding mental health. In other words:

•    The Mental Health Foundation pushes mental health up the political and social agenda
•    The Mental Health Foundation raises awareness of mental health issues in the media
•    The Mental Health Foundation words to influence civil servants and politicians at a national level

In order to give them a greater voice the Mental Health Foundation also campaigns alongside a number of other charities focussed on Mental Health including:

•    New Vision for Mental Health – a coalition of 11 mental health organisations
•    Mental Health Alliance – a coalition of over 70 organisations all focussed on campaigning for changes to the Mental Health Bill
•    Making Decisions Alliance – a group of 40 organisations campaigning for new legislation surrounding mental capacity (England and Wales)
•    Self Harm Inquiry – campaigning for better treatment and responses to young people who self harm
•    We Need to Talk – a group of 5 mental health organisations all campaigning for increased psychological therapies on the NHS

As mental health issues involve looking at all areas of our lives The Mental Health Foundation have carried out research and work on a wide range of topics including the effect that nutrition, exercise, and alcohol has on mental health, how family situations, parenting and schools influence mental health, service provision for mental health and also how cultural differences have an impact on mental health.

Publications from the Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation produces a huge number of publications that are available from The Mental Health Foundation website free of charge if you want just a single copy. You can search an alphabetical list that covers a diverse range of topics surrounding the whole issue of mental health.

Learn how I beat Depression

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