Medic Manic Mania (Depression test)

Learn how I beat Depression

It is a dilemma I have gone through, and one that was resolved for me in being (involuntarily maybe can’t remember I was manic at the time) taken to a medical professional to help me out of my ‘blues.’

The big D, Depression, Chemical Imbalance, whatever name we put on it, it doesn’t take away from the possibility that getting a depression test i.e. getting tested for your depression by someone trained to deal and dole out the often disturbing results may be necessary.

While we all like to think that we can get through whatever problems we may have alone, that everything we need is in us, and it is just about finding that software within us and loading it up to get us right again, it isn’t always a credible way of dealing. There are a lot of people out there making their money hand over cash filled fist from bandying about solutions. There are retreat centres there are so called ‘Anxiety Experts,’ and there are those with that promise to scrutinize your mind, find your depression test it and uproot it as if by virtue that their made up self qualification somehow leaves them qualified to do so.

Yes it may be in you to deal with it alone, yes those around you can assist with their support, but when a medical professional is needed how do you know that they are going to look on you as not some kind of subhuman? Getting into medical school is about grades, good ones, in fact it requires the best grades imaginable. Those who are capable of these grades and get into Medical College what kind of people are they? Very intelligent obviously, but do they have the advanced interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to know how to deal with you properly? And if you visit a doctor who is pretty new to it all, what are the chances they have the experience with people to not only diagnose you with their depression test, but to treat you in a way that is going to leave you better?

With any medication there are side effects you should be made aware of, and weigh up before taking them. The thing is that visiting a doctor is so damned expensive that you look on the trip as an investment, if you were unwilling to take their advise, and get yourself a handful of pills as a ‘cure,’ then you would be wasting that investment entirely.

The statistics show that the antidepressant medications that are being prescribed every day, in particular modern ones that have risen in prescription popularity are only marginally more effective than were you to be given a chocolate M&M. With little actual effect to rid you of depression, and with side effects to beat the band, the question is why do so many people still trust this means of getting rid of their mental ailment?

There are as many ways to rid yourself of depression as there are letters after these guys names, they get commissions on handing out their ‘candy.’ The best solutions are free to get you free of this ailment. It is about conquering life to get the very most out of it. Granted there are times when we feel helpless to assist those we love when they are in the soup depression brings. Granted we ourselves can feel like the best way is out, but suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. In these circumstances yes indeed help is needed ASAP.

Finding the route to the help you need is not only limited to beating a path to the medical professional’s door. There are organisations who man their phone lines 24 hours a day for people in need of guidance. There are people in organisations who have gone through what you have gone through, and come out the other side. Things are never as bad as they appear to be, and with a little reflection, and a few words to see what is achievable with a new perspective, the road to recovery can be taken with assurance that there is something better out there.

There is no quick fix, popping pills, or thinking positively, both of these methods are not overnight going to lead you to success. The road may be long and the road may be hard, but there is only one thing that is assured, taking that road is the only thing worth doing, anything else is just and intolerable waste.

Learn how I beat Depression

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