Mantra it up – Build a Mental Defense (Symptoms depression)

Learn how I beat Depression

Struggling to overcome a mind riddled with the negative, pushing to get back to where you were before, is harder than you would imagine. How can it be so tough just to get back to the starting blocks? Why would it be tough, when in the past we had that already? Surely in life it is about always going forward, always progressing beyond where we. we were.

It seems simple enough, but the symptoms depression leaves in its wake are brick walls, these walls we bang our head against, and fail to overcome if we don’t know the root cause of our mental anguish. I had banged and I had busted, I had knocked myself out of and then back in, relapsing into the symptoms depression saw fit for me. That manic man forced on me his beating, and in my mania I failed to see the route out is in the root cause.

If a lack of social interaction was the cause in part, then so too getting back in there and mixing it about in social circles would in part bring a solution. Its true but one of the symptoms depression brings on is a place that lies deep inside that tells you, ‘you aren’t worth it mate.’ This inner depth of worthlessness makes the very social encounters in which you bathed your war wounds of the past, a hated thing to get involved with again. Why hated? Because in striving to get back into the mix, the mind tells you just as it told me that you have little, nothing in fact to offer.

Your words, the jokes that incite laughter in those you want to hang with, and partner up with for the fun that comes with being sociable weren’t of interest. Maybe indeed the jokes weren’t funny, but they would get better once the punch lines could be passed on the way they were intended. It is hard to be humourous when you face unfunny troubles in mind.

But comedy is uplifting, that is why we seek it out on the shelves in DVD rental stores. Oh my God, am I about to use the line ‘laughter is the best medicine?’ Oh no I did, but you know what? It is. In laughter we produce the chemicals our brain needs to lift us out of our internal angst. Now don’t go into your social encounters with this in mind, you will never find what you are looking for if the exact intention is there behind you motivating you. Do however try to experience moments where the motivations of the mental malaise you have in mind stop being relevant for just a little while. Give yourself the space and time where bad thoughts cannot fester, allow a little light hearted fun to set your mind at ease.

Easier said than done, but as we have concluded battling depression is not a cakewalk. It is deeply entrenched and in order to beat it we have one option, and take note that this option does not involve giving in. We cant give in, life is too precious for that, we have a limited amount of time on this planet, what is the point of wasting another minute of it wallowing in despair when we have all in creation to be happy about.

The one choice we face is to get down in the trenches there amongst the pain, looking at the hurt in mind and deeply questioning ourselves as to why it is there, why we have let it take us over? It is us after all who are in control of what we let through the filter system we have in our minds. It is a lack of a positive filter system that has allowed the negativity into us, we need to be strong and build a new filter system to stop more getting in and compounding our problems.

Marcus Aurelius the greatest Emperor of ancient Rome it is believed created the ‘mantra’ idea. With mantras, lines that we devise to assist us in blocking out the bad we can find reprieve. I interviewed one of the World’s most famous magicians one day, he is a master of persuasion and hypnotist too, but he himself finds that the negative thoughts can sometimes sneak into his powerful mind. He informed me of his mantra and it is with joy that I pass it onto you, as it works for me, and it works for him. I see no reason therefore in why it wouldn’t work for you in filtering out the bad.

Whenever the bad got in, he would just say out loud even if in public (Their impressions of you are secondary to keeping the negative out of your mind) he would say ‘I don’t give a s***’ really loud and forcefully. It’s a tough mantra he said, there is no point taking it easy on a cursed thing that’s intention is to bring you right down with its negativity, and he was right. Don’t let the bad in, don’t let the badness win.

Learn how I beat Depression

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