Lithium Bipolar Medication

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Lithium bipolar medication is quite effective in the treatment of manic depression. This medicine was introduced in the 1950’s and it is commonly prescribed to bipolar patients today. The medication is fundamentally similar to potassium and salt, making it an important component in the treatment of the mood disorder.

Cellular Function and Lithium

Cells have specific function within the human body and the potassium and sodium qualities in this bipolar medication works on a cellular level. The components of the medicine affect the surface of the cells and the cells’ interiors, balancing their ability to function properly. It does this through chemical reactions.

Chemicals are an integral part of brain functioning. There are chemicals that serve as messengers within the nervous system and throughout the body. Neurotransmitters are nerve systems that communicate with each other. Too much or too little of certain chemicals can wreak havoc on the individual’s mind and emotional state.

Lithium Bipolar Treatment

The use of lithium in the treatment of bipolar disorder is effective in many cases because the medication is a type of levelling agent. The prescription has the following effects on the body:

* Balances the levels of serotonin
* Balances the levels of tryptophan

Serotonin and tryptophan are two important chemicals that are present in brain functioning and proper neurotransmitter performance. Disturbances in these chemicals can lead to emotional and mental illnesses. People who suffer from manic depression can benefit from using lithium as a balancing agent.

The medication affects the body in other ways as well, particularly in the bone marrow. Lithium is effective in producing more white blood cells within the marrow of the bones.

Lithium Details

Although lithium was introduced in the 1950’s, the commonly used form of this medication—lithium carbonate—was developed in the 1970’s. The effects of the drug are apparent within a week of treatment and patients can expect to experience the fullest benefits in roughly two or three weeks.

Lithium is actually the generic term for lithobid, the brand name of the medication. Patients typically take between 200 and 450 milligrams of the medication per dose, amounting to about 900 to 1200 milligrams per day. People who have kidney disease require lesser doses.

Bipolar disorder is a treatable condition that can be controlled with proper treatment and medication. Lithium is a prime example of an effective prescription used in the treatment of this mood disorder.

Learn how I beat Depression

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