Learning to Cycle All Over Again (Depression cause)

Learn how I beat Depression

Ever had to speak to a great many people all at once, ever had to stand there and spill your words out with the beady eyes looking on searing into you? It is a scary prospect; it unnerves us, speaking in public gets easier with time. The fear subsides, we get over it and we get a handle on it, feeling the fear and the nervousness and using it as a tool to keep us alert to our audience.

One of the more senior presenters in the radio station where I worked told me once, that the moment you stop feeling nervous before going live to the ears of tens of thousands, that is when you should stop. Stop when it gets easy? It defies belief, the idea. Isn’t that why we pursue, why we push ourselves, isn’t it always about things getting easier?

Maybe a depression cause for me has been my inability to stay tied down in any job for so long that I get to the point of it being too easy, I tell a lie I got there once. Job related stress and anxiety can lead to subsequent misery, but what about the anxiety of speaking in front of a great many people, and more importantly what if there is anxiety not speaking to a great many, but two people, three, what about when we find a change in how we speak when it is one to one?

It is a symptom that depression has set in when we lose our power over words, when the voice that comes out of our mouth changes. It becomes lower in its pitch, it gets harder just to force words out. Certainly our brains aren’t firing on all cylinders when we have depression cause if it were, then we wouldn’t accept what depression tells us to think about ourselves, would we?

It may be that we just don’t feel like talking, that so long as we can somehow keep ourselves on a steady keel by keeping our mind’s munching on images on the television we won’t have to deal with people, and we won’t have to deal with the act of connecting with anyone. When words are a partial cure to our predicament, perhaps the reason why they are so hard to get out of us is that the depression does not want us to get better, maybe the depression itself is worried that if we are comfortable in our speaking then we may do the terrible thing from its perspective, and say how we feel. It does not want us to tell someone in this world that we have an issue we might need assistance with.

I give depression a persona because it has one, are you a sufferer, what was your depression cause? Do you think for a minute that the persona of the depression is your own? It is not, your words are your own, but this new persona sees it fit to parasite upon your old persona and change the entity, it wants you all to itself, reclusive and dwelling on the misery off which it feeds.

Have you noticed in your loved one who is dealing with the condition, how their speech pattern has changed? If you are lucky enough to get more than two words out of them how do those words sound, do they sound like they are coming from the person you know and love or is there a difference? As with getting over man’s apparent greatest fear in life after death itself, the fear of public speaking, it is about doing it again and again until it gets to the point of being a walk in the park.

Same goes for learning to get a handle on your tongue again after the onset of depression. Making the effort to speak again and again practicing getting a handle on your words is almost like having to learn to ride a bicycle all over again. Always one for finding the positives, I say that as far as I remember learning to ride a bike was good fun, learning how to speak all over again can be fun too.

It offers the chance to be more decisive about what you speak on, how you do it, more aware of yourself than you have ever been before. This learning to find the power of your speech all over again is one way that you can rebuild yourself to the point where you will be better than you ever were before.

Learn how I beat Depression

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