Lamictal Bipolar Medication

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There are various medications to consider in the treatment of manic depression. Lamictal bipolar medication is one that has promising results. Prescription drugs yield excellent results in the treatment of this mood disorder. There are many types to consider so it is quite important to weigh your options.

Mood episodes are problematic for people who have manic depression. Physicians typically prescribe mood-stabilizing medications in order to help patients treat bipolar disorder. There are two basic types of medications, ones that are prescribed for specific symptoms and ones prescribed for maintenance.

Lamictal Bipolar Medication and Maintenance

Maintenance medications are ideal for helping individuals with the mood disorder to prevent manic and depressed episodes from occurring. Prevention is ideal because the individual is able to maintain a healthy balance without worry about experiencing the extreme mood shifts and the negative experiences associated with them.

Lamictal is a long-term medication that bipolar patients use to maintain a healthy balance of emotional states. It is important to note that the medication does not treat mania and depression whilst the individual is in the throes of the polar states. The primary function of the bipolar drug is to keep the extreme moods from appearing.


Although the medication is ideal for individuals who want to maintain a healthy balance in emotional polarity, it is necessary to seek evaluations at your physician’s surgery in order to assure that the medication is working properly and that you are not experiencing unpleasant side effects. Doctors suggest that people taking lamictal should seek re-evaluation every eighteen months.

Side Effects

Possible side effects include the following:

? Headaches
? Vision problems
? Sleep disturbances
? Fatigue
? Nausea or vomiting
? Tremors
? Loss of balance

Some individuals who take this medication experience skin rash. The rash is typically moderate or mild and appears within the first two months of treatment. However, in rare cases, severe rashes appear that require hospitalisation.

Patients are urged to seek immediate attention if swelling in the lips or tongue appears. Hives, mouth sores, and sores near the eyes are indicators of a serious allergic reaction to the medication.

Not every bipolar patient is suited for lamictal. There are some side effects to consider that may cause problems. Proper evaluation with your physician is the ideal approach to deciding whether this mood disorder drug is suitable for your specific needs.

Learn how I beat Depression


  1. susan
    Posted March 27, 2009 at 8:57 am | Permalink

    My son has been put on lamictal combined with respridone. For the first time in his 13 years he is able to go to school. His mood is good and he is happy and making friends. To me this is a wonder drug that has helped him to be able to lead a
    more normal existance. He has not side effects and is tolerating it very well. I wanted to share this good report.

  2. Brian
    Posted March 31, 2009 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

    Hi Susan,

    I hang around this blog a lot.

    Nice to see a sign of hope coming from someone.

    Best of luck for the future.


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