Kidney Threat Posed by Depression

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The Clinical Journal of The American Society Nephrology has printed the details of a new study which points to depression as a cause of kidney failure in later life of those affected.

With 10% of the population dealing with depression at least at some point in their lives, the data shows that there is a significant enough threat for major funding to be devoted to this area of study, and indeed the readying of preventative measures. The study was all consuming, and the evidence it provided irrefutable given the massive 5,785 individuals who participated in the research.

The study has taken place over the last ten years giving the advantage of time to see the after-effects of depression suffering represent themselves. All participants were aged over 65 and none of those involved were on dialysis at the beginning of observation. The respondents filled out questionnaires which allowed for the measuring of depressive symptoms they encountered, along with a long list of medical measurements.

These medical measurements that were taken from the respondents largely pertained to information relevant to kidney illness such as; ‘estimated glomerular filtration rate.’

The intention therein was to investigate as to whether the presence of depression was indicative to the future onset of kidney disease or ailments pertaining to inefficient or damaged kidneys.

The results show that kidney disease was 20% more prevalent in depression sufferers. Crunching the numbers and given the 10% of the population of The Western World now suffering from depression symptoms, this represents a time bomb of kidney disease at a future point, not only in the USA but right around The World.

Depression in the study was found to precede a rapid decline in kidney functionality, it could lead to renal disease, and future hospitalizations where acute kidney injury was also present.

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