Just Some Of The Causes Of Depression

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The causes of depression are difficult to narrow down because there is not usually one isolated cause for one individual, and the causes can differ from one individual to another.  It is easy to say that a chemical imbalance is the culprit, but this simple explanation fails to capture the complexity of the condition known as depression.


Genetics determine many things about a person’s general makeup.  They can even influence mood.  It has been established that there is a genetic component in depression.  It tends to run in families.  If your family has a long standing history of depressed individuals then you are more likely to manifest depression.

This does not mean that you will manifest symptoms of depression.  It only means that you are more likely than someone whose family has no history of depression.  The person with no family history of this condition may become depressed, and you may go your entire life without the experience.  There is more to the story.

Environment And Experiences

Your surroundings and experiences also play a role.  You learn much of what you come to know and believe about life from your early environment.  A learned viewpoint that indicates that the world is a generally good and happy place will have a different effect that an early environment where you learned that life was unsafe and unsure.

Trauma is more likely to bring about periods of depression.  Death and loss can bring about feelings of sadness in anyone.  In most people, these feelings of sadness will last for a length of time that is appropriate for the situation, but if you have risk factors for depression then symptoms may continue until you seek professional help.


Your general demeanour and personality can play a role too.  If you have low self-esteem and a pervasively pessimistic outlook then it is not hard to see why you might be more vulnerable to depression.  You are beginning with some of the basic building blocks of the condition so other precipitating factors may not have to do as much to push you into a full-fledged depressive state.

Depression causes have many layers.  Alone, any risk factor may lie dormant throughout your life.  You may never experience depression.  When risk factors combine, however, you are much more susceptible.  Some have risk factors and escape while some with few risk factors experience the disorder.  This is why experts know there is more to the story.

Learn how I beat Depression

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