Is it the End Goal or the Journey that Cures? (Depression fix)

Learn how I beat Depression

Wanting something enough is a good start in getting there. Visualising our end goal in mind, and then with everything we do, using this image to motivate us towards our end goal, will see us get there in this competitive world.

I used that technique for athletics training when I was younger, having learnt about it from some crazy woman who gave talks and danced around like a fairy. She was so positive in her outlook that it could sour the stomach and nauseate, but I was young and willing to grab onto anything that might give me an edge.

When looking for a depression fix, the best solution is within us, even to get to the point of seeking out the depression fix, a decision needs to be made in our own mind. We need at some point (sooner better than later) to make the decision that we in fact want to get better.

I wanted to win so I gave myself an image to work towards, every time my sinews struggled under the massive pressure in the weights room, when I demanded of my body just one more repetition on the bench press, I would push this image into the front of my mind, and the sight would force my body to do its bidding, because my body wanted it too. Its goal was congruent with my own, there was an integration of my need and my body’s need, or at least the illusion of that created with my mental link.

To get to the starting blocks of a depression fix, you need to admit to yourself and maybe others that there is a problem. Then you need to make a decision that yes in fact you either want assistance in getting over it, or you are wishing to get over this one alone. It all boils down to an actual wanting to get over it. So many people suffering from depression lack even this ability to make that decision. When we are low we become almost accepting of those lows, and see that perhaps there is something natural in these lows for us. We are creatures of habit, and if the habit is to feel bad then we get used to it, and fear moving away from the area that we are used to. Motivation is very low when we are suffering from depression and when it is apparent that a fix will necessitate motivating ourselves, and striving beyond our perceived limits, this is when we can fall down and submit ourselves to failure.

So I was attempting and succeeding in using this means of visualisation in motivating and pushing myself towards the goal of being the champion of my country in an Olympic throwing event. The image I used was one where I was ducking down from my pedestal at the winner’s podium, bending over to have the medal placed around my neck. I had the image so clear, I could make out the stitches on the ribbon attached to that medal. When the day came for the national finals, and I was so strong and well practiced that I took that discus in hand and threw that object further and harder than anyone else in my country for that age. I took my place on the winners pedestal and the fanfare went out into the half packed stadium.

Having decided that you want to get out of your quagmire that is when you can be helped. Medical professionals the world over are telling their depression patients this; ‘I cannot help you unless you help yourself.’ You cannot be forced to get better against your will. You have to want to get better in order for the treatment to work.

I had wanted to be at this very point, I had heard that fanfare before in my mind and its sound had been one of the driving forces that had led me to fulfill the prophesy I had built up, a prophesy I had gone on to bring to reality out of my own determination. It is often said that what we imagine, and the way that things work out based on these imaginings are often inherently different. I was too young perhaps to understand this, everything for me was black and white. You get out of life what you put in. As I stood there and took that gold medal around my neck and the cheers and claps rang out as my name was announced over the megaphone. I felt…absolutely nothing, I had been there so many times before. I had that image used in my mind so many times to the point that the image, once it was experienced was worthless. I had expected sparks to fly in my mind, I tried to command the hairs on my arms to rise with emotion, but I was near emotionless.

Sometimes the idea of getting back to normal is better than the reality, we see our lives sometimes with rose tinted glasses that allows us to imagine things being perhaps better than they actually are. With this known, don’t let it be a factor in stopping you from making things better, it is always better, to be better than worse.

You know I could have sat on my ass for all of those years of intensive training, and the world would not have batted an eyelid, whatever athletic achievement I may have endowed is long since past. Although I got literally nothing from that day but a medal and some praise, I did get something.

That is my point, it is the journey, it is the effort that is the actual reward, it is the punishment on your anxiety levels as you push yourself to lift your eyes to meet the person you will be talking to, in making those hard yards to get your body back active when you feel fatigued. Every moment therein should be remembered and held onto as part of that motivation, it is the journey to get there that is the depression fix.

Learn how I beat Depression

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