If words could only drive the demon out

Learn how I beat Depression

My best mate came to the defense of his sister one day. He is an artistic writer type of person, and so perhaps he has the ability to see a little deeper then most. He told me how he had gone to the home of his sister where an ex boyfriend had managed to weasel his way in, and refused to leave, awaiting her return.

My mate turned up and tried to kick him out, he is a small lad and found a broken piece of wood with a sharp edge as both a means of attack and to defend. The family had never approved of the relationship, his sister saw in that guy maybe someone who needed her that she could help. He was a guy with problems, and those problems were right there, evident for my mate to see the day he barged into his sister’s home to confront this trespasser.

“His skin was kind of green”…”There was a pathetic look in his eyes, a desperate look, he loved her, he couldn’t just let her go.” Not one to fight really, my mate endeavored to talk him down, trying to relate and deal with it, trying to get this guy a few years his sister’s senior to see that there was more out there, plenty of fish and all that, but nothing was stirring. No words can undo the power of a malevolent force in the mind that castrates a man’s humanity and vision.

Of course words can have impact, there are motivational speakers a plenty, who do great work out there, in a world where communication, despite our technological progressions is still a little wayward from time to time. Words can’t have an immediate impact, and it is only through timely reflection that these words can be used to ‘fix’ what is broken. My mate told me how he felt deeply sorry for this guy, his ‘patheticness’ brought about this emotion, my mate could see he was depressed. See he was suffering inside, and that in my mate’s sister he found a crutch, someone who he could depend on, hold him close and feel something other than misery.

His depression was ruling him, controlling his actions, what my friend would recount to me was that this guy just wasn’t ‘himself.’

‘Himself’ or ‘herself,’ it doesn’t matter the gender, when we allow symptoms of depression to take hold of our being we are really no longer ourselves, we are the entity that the emotional state dictates, we are what this mental malaise, what this mental illness dictates that we should be. The feelings are of ‘patheticness,’ and therefore we are pathetic in our actions.

Now what happened to my friend and how he chose to deal with it is not the normal state of affairs. Another man would have used that stick and bet the individual, but depression when the symptoms take control of our actions cannot be beaten out of us, we will self inflict, we will self harm and it does us no good. It only exacerbates the problem, it isn’t a fix, it is no solution. Nor is the solution in words, and we have seen from research that only in the most serious instances of depression is the solution in medication. How can we achieve an emotional state, coming back from the brink of the abyss that is a depression plunge, almost impossible to lift ourselves out of, a vortex of self damning self induced affliction?

The assistance of those around us in diagnosing the symptoms of depression is as important as the dealing with it. Once recognised it can be the little things once again, those little things that have begun to garner no emotion, that can give us that little pick me up to get us through, and little step at a time get us on the road to recovery.

Recovery cannot begin without the aid of those around us, one cannot recover from anything until they recognise that there is something that needs recovery from. My mate told me lately that he had seen that the young man who had brought the conflict by allowing his symptoms of depression to take root and control his actions, is now ‘a different person.’ That term ‘different’ is a reflection not of the different person he was, but perhaps the person he always was minus the problem of his diseased mind.

Maybe the words of my mate had a profound effect that day. My mate had told him there was a problem, and had advised on how to get out of it. When the mind is a place that holds us tightly inward, tells us only the negative, the words of those outside this inner sanctum of turmoil can pick us up, and help us in lifting ourselves out of it.

It takes time, time is a wonderful thing, but the realisation must come first that depression symptoms are not normal, they are not meant to be, and should not be allowed the oxygen we give them to respire to grow and fester.

Learn how I beat Depression

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