I Have Depression, Now What?

Learn how I beat Depression

If you have recently been diagnosed with depression you may be feeling lost and confused.  You might even question whether the diagnosis is even correct.  Depression has developed a stigma in recent years and many people may feel embarrassed at the notion that they are depressed or are suffering from a clinical disorder.  Some people even view a diagnosis to be a sign of failure or weakness on their part and may even feel more depressed about the prognosis.  We have been taught to believe that a person who has depression has something wrong with them or that it is all in their head. Depression IS an illness though and needs to be treated as such.  And with proper care and treatment, it can be cured.

There are many different types of depression.  Once you have been diagnosed you can start to get your life back under control by getting help and treatment for the illness.  One of the things you need to understand is what type of depression you have.

I Know I Have Depression, Now What Do I Do?

? Learn as much as you can about your diagnoses and what it means.  Research everything you can about the illness to get a really good understanding.  This may seem overwhelming but it is important to understand exactly what is going on with your mind and body.
? Learn everything you can about different treatment options.  There are many different types of treatments available and you need to decide which treatments you feel the most comfortable with.  Treatments range from traditional medication to herbals supplements such as St Johns Wort.  There are also a wide variety of therapies available such as individual therapy, group therapy, talk therapy and music therapy.
? Find out what your insurance will cover, and more importantly what they won’t cover.  Some insurances do not cover mental health diagnoses so make sure you check first.
? Decide what you want to tell your friends, family and co-workers.  Not everyone will be able to handle the news of your diagnosis.  Some may be very confused and others may offer you contradictory advice.  Until you are ready to deal with any negative reactions you might want to keep your diagnosis private except with a few selected people who you feel will be supportive.
? Read some good depression information to gain as much knowledge about the illness as you can.

Learn how I beat Depression

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