How To Recognize A Depression Relapse And How To Avoid It

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Anyone who has suffered with depression in the past knows that there is always a chance of having a depression relapse.  Sometimes the fear of a relapse can cause one to occur.  Relapses are often the result of stress, hormones, sleep deprivation and failure to take the proper medication.  Through research doctors have learned that there are many factors that can cause a relapse in depression.  Some of the reasons include:

? Interpersonal friction
? Feeling overwhelmed or having too much to do
? Being judged or criticized
? Ending a relationship
? Experiencing a physical illness

Symptoms of a relapse (in addition to regular depression symptoms) may include things like eating an excessive amount of junk food or smoking more and wanting to curl up in bed and stay there.
If you are experiencing a recurrence of depression it is important that you don’t make any major life changing decisions.  Talk to your friends and relatives and let them know what is going on so that they can support you.  Also let your doctor know how you are feeling and ask for their advice on what to do.  It is important that you don’t isolate yourself if you are experiencing a relapse and stick with a routine to stay connected to the world around you.
How To Avoid A Relapse In Depression
There are a few things you can do to avoid having a relapse at all.

1. Set realistic goals for yourself
2. Break large task into smaller task to make them seem easier to accomplish
3. Set priorities and don’t overdo it
4. Postpone any major life decisions when you are depressed
5. Share your feelings with someone who loves you
6. Receive help when it is offered.  Do not view accepting help as a sign of weakness.  Let the people who love you help you.
7. Participate in activities that you enjoy, even if you don’t feel like it
8. Exercise regularly
9. Eat a healthy and balanced diet
10.  Avoid illegal drugs and alcohol
11.  Get enough sleep, don’t stay up late or sleep all morning.  Set a regular sleeping schedule and stick to it.
12.  Make sure your bedroom is quiet and dark and avoid strenuous activities after five P.M. to help you settle down better in the evening
13.  Stay away from caffeine
14.  Avoid non-prescription sleeping pills and medication
15.  Be patient and kind to yourself
16.  Try to maintain a positive attitude.

Learn how I beat Depression

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