How A Depression Case Study Can Benefit Doctors And Patients

Learn how I beat Depression

Depression is an illness that affects more than 17 million people in the United States alone every year.  Expressed as percentages, the rates are virtually the same for the US, UK, and Australia; and they are growing in all countries, meaning that there is an even greater importance on research into the disorder, worldwide.

There are many things that may cause depression.  The World Health Organization’s International Classification of Disease defines depression in the following way:

? Two weeks of abnormal depressed mood
? Loss of interest and decreased energy
? Loss of confidence
? Excessive guilt
? Recurrent thought of death
? Poor concentration
? Agitation or retardation
? Sleep disturbance
? Change in appetite

In order to be diagnosed as depressed a person must exhibit the first two symptoms and at least one additional symptom.  Severe depression is classified by a person experiences the first two symptoms and at least five other symptoms as well.

Depression is an illness that is treated by psychiatrists and psychotherapists.  Depression is treated in a variety of different ways.  Many people that have depression will receive medication to help ease their symptoms.  Some of the more well known medications that are used for depression include Prozac and Thalidium.  There have been reports of herbs such as St. Johns Wort helping to ease the symptoms of depression as well.  Another way that health care professionals treat people that have depression is with therapies such as group therapy, individual therapy, music therapy and talk therapy.  Another important tool that health care professionals can use in the treating of depression is a depression case study.

Depression case studies are outlines that describe a patient’s medical background and family history.  A case study will outline the source or sources of the patients problems and detail events in the patients life.  It may also go into detail about what medications the patient is currently taking and what types of activities the patient previously enjoyed. The case study will then go into detail about the type of depression the patient is suffering from and include a list of the symptoms.  It will outline the therapies and medications given and keep a record of which therapies and medications are effective and how the patient progresses in their treatment.

Depression case studies can be very valuable to health care professionals as they can help to determine which treatments work the best with different levels of depression.  It can also be helpful for people who have depression to read through a case study to see that they are not alone in the way that they feel and also to see that depression can be overcome with proper treatment and help.

Learn how I beat Depression

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    i am suffering depression and hipe someone posts back telling me what i can do i even have suicidal thoughts!!

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