Heroes are Answering the Call (Help for depression)

Learn how I beat Depression

Being a hero, at the beck and call of those who need someone to rely on when the chips are down. That is what a host of very special human beings do everyday. Where there are people out there who need a voice at the other end of the line to tell them that things are going to be alright, a team is in place of persons there for them, they are all there with different reasons for that which they do.

I often wonder about their motivations, but I guess these are obvious, in life we feel better about ourselves by making other people feel better about themselves.

When it is hard to go on about our business, talking to those people who are in our lives and forcing advice, telling them how much we care would just be outright unnerving, goopy, goofy and very un cool, These people have chosen to do their bidding with strangers, people who will never know their name, never see them eye to eye or be able to thank them in person for what they have done.

As Superman wears a disguise, the phone line serves to hide their identity, as you walk down the street you will find volunteers passing you by. They look no different than the other individuals you meet. They don’t fly around, they can’t see through you with X-ray eyes. They can however seer into your soul, and understand what you are going through when you call seeking help for depression.

Whether their understanding comes from having had first hand, second hand contact with depression or otherwise is unknown, but the known thing is that they will have encountered depression in the past by some means. Even reflecting on your own stats, have you come across other depressed people too? Invariably yes, and unless we are living in a cocoon, then we can’t help to notice that, yes it is all around us. The stats of close to 10% suffering at some point in their lives, means that we very well can’t get through our lives without coming into contact in some way with this mental illness.

Are these people armed to deal with anything? I would have to say no. Certainly there are training programs set in place for giving these Good Samaritans talking points and information that will help them relate to what a human being struggling with depression is going through. Advice to give them perspective, teaching them not to get too involved as to allow the words and the worries of the world that comes in over those phone lines to slide right off them, water off a duck’s back like.

These are human engineers. It takes a human to fix a human. We are all fixable, sometimes when things get too much, when we are prepared to say that they can’t get any worse, then that in itself is a positive. Where the mind stretches to find something to hang on to, seeking help for depression can help us out in finding that one thing worth hanging onto. That is life itself. With this in mind everything is a positive, the fact that there is air in our lungs to make that call, the fact that we have a family in the first place to be worried about us.

A call with help for depression in mind is a call to action, a call to the action men and women, who man those lines, taking calls from the helpless, dishing out assistance with no pat on the back, no financial reward expected, that’s the heroism we need to help us battle and beat this tremendous affliction.

Learn how I beat Depression

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