Helping People With Depression Get The Help They Need

Learn how I beat Depression

People who have depression need the love and support of their friends and families to help them recover from the illness.  If you have a friend or loved one that is suffering with depression you can help them by offering an ear to listen to their troubles, helping them seek out a health care professional to treat them, helping them to take care of themselves and monitoring their symptoms.  Helping people with depression is a very important task.

What You Can Do To Help A Friend Or Loved One Who Has Depression

The first thing that you will need to do in order to help a loved one who is suffering from depression is to educate yourself about the illness.  Read everything you can to get a better idea of what that person is going through and how you can ease their symptoms.  It can also be helpful to talk with someone who has gone through a similar experience before with a loved one to get support for yourself as well.

Learn To Recognize The Symptoms Of Depression

If you know what symptoms to look for it will help you determine if your loved one is in fact exhibiting depressive behaviors.

? Loss of interest in regular daily activities
? Feeling sad or blue for prolonged periods of time
? Feeling hopeless or despairing
? Having excessive spells of crying for no apparent reason
? Not sleeping enough or sleeping too much
? Difficulty focusing on tasks or concentrating on things
? Unintentional weight loss or weight gain
? Irritability
? Restlessness
? Easily annoyed or disturbed
? Feeling fatigued or weak
? Loss of libido
? Thoughts of suicide or suicidal behavior
? Unexplained physical problems such as headaches or stomach aches

You can help your friend or loved one by encouraging them to seek the help of a health care provider.  Many people will not seek help due to embarrassment or fear.  Encourage them to see their doctor and go along with them for support.  Depression is nothing to be ashamed of.  It is possible that your friend or loved one does not even realize that they are depressed or perhaps they feel as if it is not worth it to seek help.

Encourage Your Friend Or Loved One To Get Help

? Tell your friend or loved one that you are concerned about them and let them know why
? Suggest to your friend or loved one that they go to visit their health care provider and offer to go along with them if they would like for support.
? Let your loved one know that you understand that depression is an illness that can be treated
? Convey the feelings that depression is nothing to be ashamed of

Learn how I beat Depression

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