Gun Owners More Likely to Kill Themselves Than Trespassers

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Research has shown that gun owners are turning their weapons on themselves more often than they are on thieves.

New evidence has emerged that goes against a previous Supreme Court ruling on the ownership of guns focusing on the weapons being used to defend against intruders into their homes. The research points out that it was suicide which accounted for approximately 55% of firearm deaths year on year over the course of the last decade in The United States.

The statistics were revealed from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health researchers in the public health arena have come to the conclusion that there is an increased likelihood that someone in that home will die from gunshot wounds, when there is a weapon present.

It was also uncovered that in homes where a suicide has occurred there is an increased likelihood that there is a gun present in that home. These homes were found to be between three and five times as likely to have a gun present than a home where no suicide had occurred.

There had been a partial ban on gun ownership in place in many states during the early part of the century and there was a statistically recognizable drop off in suicides during the time of the ban. The American Public Health Association, the American Association of Suicidology along with two additional groups had filed a legal brief in support of the ban before its lifting.

The bulk of suicide attempts using guns are successful in comparison with other means of suicide with jumping showing a 34% rate of death, and overdose representing a 2% kill rate

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