Finding the Trigger – to Shoot Dead the Culprit

Learn how I beat Depression

How does this whole thing work, and how indeed have you come upon this writing? It is a complex thing, the mind. I don’t hold a PHD in Psychology, but maybe that is a good thing. All I have to give you in this blog is the personal, and from my personal I believe you can find, your personal.

I think in life we strive to stave off the negative, if sitting at home all day playing computer games was enough to give us a happy life then we would do that, wouldn’t we? It is simple enough when you think about it. Input is equal to, and rarely is it greater than the output. If what we do and what we put into our existence makes us happy then indeed we are happy, or at least we should be.

The problem of ‘should be’ I like to break down in Economic terms, it is about ‘utility derived,’ about how much satisfaction we get out of things. Unfortunately this utility derived wanes over time. If a chocolate bar will make you happy as a kid, eating one as an adult may not have the same profound effect on your mood. Would eating ten chocolate bars then give the same effect? Maybe, maybe not, but we will try out everything we can until we are sick to the stomach with trying and attempting to find resolution to our problems.

You are here because there is a problem, maybe in yourself or maybe in those around you. Maybe you are here because you think, but are unsure there is a problem, perhaps in seeing the symptoms for depression outlined in print you will see that indeed, it is depression you or your loved one is suffering from. Depression is like a white elephant, it stands out a mile. Some may tell you that it is difficult to see, but my experience in this domain, both from seeing it in myself, and seeing it in those around me to both positive and detrimental affect, it really is there to be seen. Symptoms for depression are obvious when you know what you are looking for.

Is appetite down? Is the person failing to get the good out of things? Do they speak when they speak only of the negative, (We often see this, don’t confuse negative people with depressed people, the depression stats would be way beyond what they actually are if that was the case) but in their negativity to they self deprecate to the extreme? Do they talk in a different tone than they used to, a tone which reflects a person deeply unsatisfied?

Being unsatisfied and being depressed do not go hand in hand. Being unsatisfied leads us, guides us, and pushes us to get more out of life. But in their being unsatisfied, do they speak as though there is no other way to be? Symptoms for depression if allowed to fester and go unchecked lead to the giving up on hopes and aspirations. Has the individual’s demeanor changed? Have they stopped showing interest in the things from which they used to derive ‘utility?’ It may not be the case that you can see depression in the face, but it is always there lurking just below the surface.

Does the person become teary, just to the brink of tears at the mention of a particular thing? If you have noticed this, then you may now look at that as a ‘Eureka’ moment, this is a very positive thing a weapon for the battle that is to come.

The raw nerve may in fact be the trigger in itself that is causing the depression. If you can get to this root and weed it out you can bring the person out of their dilemma. If this person is you, then read on, here is the key to solving your problem. Once we know what the problem is, of course it will usually be the impact of a whole host of other ‘weeds’ i.e. problems, but if we can get just one thing sorted that is causing the depression, then in that we hold a solution to the problem.

Changing our lives, is the way that we can change our frame of mind. With love and our need to be loved such a major part of our lives, in this we find both the problem and the solution that both causes, and can bring us out of depression. It is often the trill of the chase that keeps our mind eager for the possibilities that may arise. The chase may not be successful, but the chase itself gives us motivation and being motivated towards anything will keep the thoughts that the mind imparts to us when it is full of depression ‘weeds’ at bay. Focusing on anything other than the negative thoughts themselves, brings reprieve from the symptoms and with reprieve comes better times.

Taking on one core problem is possible, whereas tacking everything at once is not. By ‘chunking’ it down, by finding the source of one of the things that has sent us over the edge and removing its power, we can beat the state in its entirely. Once beaten, it will often be that the other issues take care of themselves. One small element of positivity is enough to keep depression at bay.

Learn how I beat Depression

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