Environmental Depression – Causes

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There are several types of environmental depression causes.  While these influences do not happen in a vacuum, they are significant.  Genetics, temperament, and other factors all play a role, but environmental causes leave their own unique mark on a person’s disposition and their vulnerability to depression.


Stress weakens the mind just as it weakens the body.  Prolonged stress depletes both the mind and the body in a way that is similar to the effects of depression.

Stress does not have to be in response to a negative event such as the death of someone close to you or some other loss.  It can be a reaction to a positive event such as a promotion or marriage.  Either positive or negative events that are stressful may herald the onset of depression.

It is thought that there is often a predisposition that causes the manifestation of actual depression.  People go through challenging and stressful life events all the time, but the majority never develop depression.  The stress alone is not the cause.

Genetics and personality play a role too.  Many factors, including stress, must coincide to bring about depression.  People who do not seem to be at a high level of risk can develop depression nonetheless.


Sometimes a traumatic event is what instigates the manifestation of depression.  Death, divorce, medical illness, or the aftermath of a natural disaster may all be traumatic enough to bring about a case of depression.

Events such as these include a loss of control over the situation and strong negative emotions.  It is not hard to see how these circumstances could spur one into depression.

Traumatic events may also prolong an already existing depression.  Such an emotional blow could easily be a setback in one who is already suffering from depressive symptoms.  If a person was already prone to depression then this could interfere with recovery.

Childhood Issues

Difficulties in childhood can vary greatly.  They may include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.  They may include circumstances such as a parent with mental illness, separation from a parent, or other types of emotionally challenging situations.

It may even bring about early onset depression where symptoms first manifest before the age of 20.  The link is not entirely clear but early childhood difficulties do seem to set the stage for depression.

Environmental depression causes may be in the form of stress, trauma, or childhood issues.  All can contribute to the formation of depressive symptoms but are not a guarantee of such a condition.  When it comes to depression, environmental causes are just one more piece of the puzzle.

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